[Fun] BlockChanger 1.1 Make any Damaged Block Into Wool! [1.1R4]

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Should I change it from wool to Wood?

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    Before i start With this plugin I just want to say thankyou to minemicked for letting me contuine on and keep this plugin updated!
    Well Blockchanger is basicly lets you change any block (Including Bedrock) into wool!

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Features it includes:
    Turn Bedrock or obsidion into wool when damgeing it (Or any block you want)
    When enabled, It will enable only for that person.

    Future Updates!
    May change it from wool to woodenplanks. (Only If People Want)
    Adding A video on how to use.

    Coming In 1.3 Update


    1.3 Coming soon.
    1.2 Updated To 1.1-R4 and New Owner of plugin (Me)
    1.0 Release (And Old owner of plugin)
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    Please don''t use mediafire, update to R7 and the title should start with [FUN]
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    Sorry im working on it.

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