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    What does it do?
    Beer! Is a fun plugin that allows two commands, /beer and /bier. Both do the same thing, just ones in German and ones in English (this is because the requester runs a German server. What /beer does is triggers the Nausea and Strength potion effects for a configurable amount of time, to make the effect of being drunk. /bier does the same, just displays the messages in German. You can also configure what those messages are and you can toggle if German is on or off.

    * Triggers nausea and strength potion effects when command is typed.
    * Fully configurable!
    * German, as well as English!
    * Easy to configure!

    Save Beer.jar inside your plugins directory, start the server, then stop the server. It will create a folder named "Beer" double click that folder and there will be a file called "config.yml". Open that in your a text editor (notepad) then for "English Message" that will be the message when a user types /beer. And German Message is the message displayed when the command /bier is typed. "Time" is how long the nausea effect lasts for. Very simple!

    To Do:
    To be honest, this is a very small plugin. So probably won't do an update unless the API or something changes, however I am open for suggestions!


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