[FUN] Beanz v1.1 - Remove those Beanz commands [818]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jayjay110, May 16, 2011.

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    Beanz - Remove those nasty Beanz commands:

    Current Version: 1.1

    So basically I got rid of the command Beanz for @iPhysX :D

    To use type: /beanz

    • Removes the /Beanz command
    • Permissions support
    • OP Default Permissions
    • iConomy v5 Support
    • Multi-World Support

    • The main thing it does is stop unknown command from popping up in the console if you type /beanz
    • This is not the only option, download it and try it out for fun :)
    • If you care about the money certain people have, dont give them the permission to use this untill I add a config file :)

    Permissions (open)

    • beanz.beanz (Allows users to have access to the beanz command)


    Download (Old boring version)

    Source Code

    Todo (open)

    • Add config file

    Version 1.1:
    • Added multi-world support
    • Added permissions support
    • Added iConomy v5.0x Support
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release
    Changelog (Long) (open)

    Version 1.1:
    • Added multi-world support
    • Added permissions support
    • Added iConomy v5.0x Support
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release
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    hmm, I guess it kinda ruins the suprise if I do, Ill place it in a spoiler
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    ok yea im a bit confuced what is the /beanz command do???
    i have never herd of this i have seen it in the minecraft_server.jar files but didnt understand what it did
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    Seriously I don't know how you people aren't getting what this plugin does.
    Easily the most useful plugin around
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    nice plugin for have a lot of fun XD
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    obvious troll is obvious
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    No, I wasn't serious. This plugin makes no sense at all. You could clarify what this "/beanz" command is, why you would want to remove it, where it comes from, etc. Also, if the plugin removes "/beanz," then why would you use the command "/beanz" to use the plugin? What is iPhysX- you say it like it's a program or an operating system or something, but I'm not familiar with it.
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    I guess obvious troll is NOT THAT obvious.. :oops:
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    LOL this thread is hilarious!!

    And to answer the questions in quote, the user "iPhsyX" typed /beanz in, and got the unknown command error. So, instead he wanted nothing to pop-up when he typed /beanz. This is what this plugin does, it makes nothing happen, not even a console error when typing in /beanz.

    I thought it was funny [creeper]
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    I suppose a better question would be how did this plugin get released?
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    oh i see now this is a joke plugin >:)
    funny now that i get it
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    This is fantastic.

    I remember talking to my buddies in the bar the other night and we were all totally pissed off with that /beanz command bullshit. We agreed there and then to never eat beans again.

    This plugin has saved my marriage.
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    I find this hard to masturbate to...
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    I agree. How did this plugin get approved?
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    U Jelly?
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    Now if I could only figure out how to install bukkit to my taco shell, this plugin would totally kick it off. Can you please make a /lettuce, tomato, cheese plugin to go with this? Thx ily, bi.
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    Ok, I found the purpose for this plugin, enter the command and the console will sometimes fill with errors. EPIC PLUGIN!!!!!
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    Lol im not fixing them anymore, its too pointless lol :p
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    well i really don't get it. its pointless... how is it funny?
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    I get the "joke", but I don't think its particularly funny. This plugin is an inside joke for a few people on here, no-one else need bother with it, nor waste their bandwidth and RAM downloading and installing it. Frankly the developer could have used his time developing something better.
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    *cough* noob *cough*, What could I possibly do that is better than this?
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Seriously? I wish I had the amount of free time you appear to have :p
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    Idk, im looking for a job, but it seems now-a-days everyones creepy, they scare u off by saying, TO APPLY FOR A JOB HERE, U MUST HAVE SUPER MEGA PEOPLE SKILLS!!!, and then I go wtf I hate people :3
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Sadly, this is how it is at the moment, and how it will be for a very long time yet. I wish you well, but please, if you want to get noticed, create something more useful than this. You need to really stand out from the crowd of people who can code. All you need is a really good idea, a lot of time, a lot of patience, and an ability to code well. You've probably got at least three of those already, just need that one good idea :D
  27. Oh thanks bro, I really wanted that nasty beanz command gone.

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