[FUN/BCONTRIB] I can haz pokemanz? - play pokemon YELLOW from within minecraft [1000]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by codename_B, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Here's the project idea - a java emulator hooked with a png fps output (GB and GBC are 144x160 pixels so that will scale just fine onto a minecraft map) - bukkitcontrib streams the in-game music as well as allowing for extra "hooked" keys to control your character in the game.

    What I need:
    • Someone with emulator experience
    What will probably happen:
    • I'll end up writing this plugin on my own - oh well
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    This sounds like fun. :D
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    Word of advice: Java is very, very bad for writing emulators. It lacks almost all of the low-level benefits of other languages, and the speeds are atrocious. You'd probably be better off writing a youtube player widget for the new BukkitContrib HUD.
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    It's ok - I only need a speed of 1fps from the emulator XD
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    I found JavaGB, it's quite good actually. What's even better, it has some really good abstaction, so (I hope) it's possible to make it render directly to the map.

    I've got it to render to the Map, now I need a bit of help here. How do you get the index for the map the player is holding?

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