[FUN] Amaterasu 1.1 - My eyes are burning [1337]

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    Amaterasu - Oh my god my eyes are burning!
    Version: v1.1

    For those familiar with the world of Naruto might know about the Ninjutsu Amaterasu. The user of this technique sets on an eternal fire whatever he is looking at. This plugin reproduces that effect!

    Warning : Not suggested on creative servers!

    Download : v1.1
    Old version : v1.0
    Source : https://github.com/ZachBora/Amaterasu

    Video :
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    • /amaterasu : Toggles the Ninjutsu. Once enabled, hold the Sneak key (shift) to set whatever you are looking at on fire. Works at max block distance of 25.
    Permission Plugin :

    Tested with Permissions 2, should work on Permissions 3 and SuperPerms.

    Permission nodes :
    • /amaterasu - Amaterasu.fire
    To-do list :

    • Add a config for the max block distance.
    • Add consumption (Food bar?)
    • If using for too long, dim user vision or remove it completely for a few seconds. If not possible, add chance to set user on fire.
    • Add source code
    Reference : Naruto wikia

    Changelog :
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed permissions
    Version 1.0

    • Initial release.
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    Can you please uppdate the plugin to 1.2.4 :)
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    waaaa it's inactive :,(
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    May someone reuplaud it ?
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    Can you please update the plugin?
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    I'm not updating this. Feel free to grab the source on my github and update it.
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    If you use it too long add the potion effect of short sight + health lose. Is there a dev page from this? really looking forward to see it completed!

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