[FUN/ADMN] WeatherGod v0.31 - Play with the weather [818]

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    WeatherGod - Play with the weather
    Version: v0.31
    CraftBukkit: 818

    This plugin allows you to easily control the weather.

    • Control the weather
    • Turn the damage of lightnings on and off
    • Enable or disable certain weathers
    • Kill players with lightning bolts
    • Create lightning bolts where you want
    Download WeatherGod v0.31
    Source Code

    Usage (parameters in <> are required, the ones in [] are optional:
    • /wg set <normal|storm|thunder> [world] [duration in sec.]
      • Set the current weather of a world.
    • /wg get [world]
      • Get the current weather of a world.
    • /wg strike
      • Toggle the creation of thunder bolts with the thunder item.
    • /wg strike <Playername|MobID>
      • Kill a player or a mob with a thunder bolt. You can get a mob's ID by pressing F3.
    For worlds with spaces in their names use a '_' instead ('My World' => 'My_World').

    • thunderItem (def. (stick): 280)
      • The item to use for the creation of thunder bolts.
    • allowNormal / allowStorm / allowThunder
      • Enable or disable certain weathers.
    • preventIgnition
      • Set this to true to block the ignition of blocks by a lightning.
    • thunderMouseButton ('left' or 'right')
      • Select which mouse button to use for the creation of thunders with the thunderItem.
    • weather.get
      • Use /wg get
    • weather.set.normal / weather.set.storm / weather.set.thunder
      • Use /wg set
    • weather.strike.player
      • Use /wg strike <Playername|MobId>
    • weather.strike.item
      • Use /wg strike
    • weather.invulnerable
      • Don't take damage from lightnings
    Version 0.31
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6.6 (CraftBukkit b818)
    • Changed the command from /weather to /wg
    • Added the /weathergod alias for the /wg command
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    Version 0.30
    • Remade the commandhandler (thx mrapple)
    • Commands sent from the console are working correctly now
    • You can now set and get the weather of worlds with spaces in their names (see 'Usage')
    • You can now kill mobs the same way you kill players
    Version 0.22
    • Updated for CB 733
    • Better check for changed weather
    • Added 'thunderMouseButton' to the config
    Version 0.21
    • Added permission weather.invulnerable
    • Added the ability to enable or disable weathers
    • Added an setting to turn off the ignition of blocks by lightnings
    Version 0.20
    • Added /weather strike
    • Added /weather strike <Player>
    Version 0.12

    • You can now change the weather to a thunder storm.
    Version 0.11

    • Added support for permissions
    • Added the ability to set a duration for the weather
    • Added a command to get the current weather of a world
    Version 0.1

    • First release

    Have fun :)
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    that is the reason i am getting the error nvm but do u have a build for 684?
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    It's not possible to make it working with build 684. Only 709 and above have the methods I need to change the weather.
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    u but see the 709 and 714 r not recommanded builds for servers yet thats y i cant get it i have it on the server but cant use it till bukkit 709 or higher recommanded build
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    There's no way around updating to CB 709 or higher if you want to use it.
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    Nice, I like it over the others (3-4 others), currently using on CB714.

    Can I ask for a request? Please add support for config settings to hard set enable/disable settings like lightning globally, and also if possible per world. So we can choose to enable ligthing in one, disable in another world, only thunder in another, maybe even disable fires for ligthning as option? But mainly to disable lightning in a global way so it never comes on by default, only if we enable it.

    Also, a config/settings to set the rain cycle and gap between cycles, and also the same for thunder and lightning cycles if they are enabled.

    Long list I know, but very useful :) Thank you for your work! Keep it up, the stick rules.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I'm definately going to add an option to enable or disable certain weathers for each world. I'm not sure yet if I also add some settings to control the weather cycles, but we'll see.
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    I'm trying to make a plugin: WeatherControl

    I added the option to disable the command "strike" at one player until the server is restarted and default time for rain and thunder.

    For example:
    • \met dstrike <player> to disable it
    If you want you can use it in your plugin. ;)
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    @DeaGato @krnel: The update's out, see the first post.
    I'm going to add some settings to control the weather cycle later.
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    How come this is still in Plugin Sumbissions? Need to get it Released for more viewership.

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    Thanks :) Plague has temporarily stopped approving new plugins (*click*)
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    Is there any way to change the item from a stick? I would like to use the thunder tool, but other plugins use the stick too.

    EDIT: Sorry, lack of sleep is playing with my head. I couldn't even find the config ^_^
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    no i rent my server they only use recommended builds thats it thats y i was hope u had a 684 build.
    i like this mod but the only way i can get any mod is only if it is for the recommended builds thats iand i run a very awesone server i get so many players on my server its really cool u can look for ur self at my Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Minecraft-Buds-Survival-Server/201727973190414
  15. You can update it manually yourself, If you have access to ftp its all you need.

    Also @FrozenBrain could u make it so you strike lightning with the right click button instead of left as swinging gets kind of annoying and right clicking is more descret
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    Planned for the next version.
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    Does anyone have issues that after some time, you cannot control weather anymore?

    I have used 3-4 plugins, and the 2-3 that I have used over some time, stop responding to stopping the rain commands. It seems like an issue with the weather system (i.e. not plugins)? Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this.

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    where do i download the craftbukkit build 714 at please send me a link
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    your plugin is nearly perfect, but there a bug. I've set "golden sword(283)" as thunder item, it works good. But as soon as I destroy it(for example throug fighting) it wents invisible in my inventory, if I throw it away it get fully repaired. I don't know if Weathergod is the reason(I just updated all installed plugins and installed Weathergod), but I think so, because I've never seeen this bug before with one of the plugins I've installed.
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    You can select between the left or the right mouse button in the new version.

    I don't think this is caused by WeatherGod. I don't have that problem.

    If you set for example 'allowThunder' to false, there won't be any thunders. So it does affect the chance of certain weathers, but only if you allow or block them.

    @ Everyone: A new version's out!
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    Thanks :)
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    Sorry, I don't know why this has happened, I haven't change anything since that an it had not repeated so far.
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    Oh my fuck, I love this plugin. Excellent job! This is the most fun I've had with a plugin since CraftBook was first released on Hmod.
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    Use these to check if the weather change: LINK ;)
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    I am already using the events ;)
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    Having an issue. When I type /weather strike
    I get this in return: Unknown weather stats! Acceptable states: sunny or stormy
    Only those 2 commands are useable. I am the owner/admin and have my permissions set to '*'

    Any ideas?

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    You've installed an other plugin that also uses the /weather command. Remove it, then it will work correctly.
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    Love it!
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    Very goot plugin, now I can strike some griefers and their horrible buildings :D

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