"Fugitives" Plugin request! :D for 1.3

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    I have thought about it, and would really like to try out an idea, I'm sure there are some out there but none of them really interest me,
    But, a plugin that puts specific players in hardcore gamemode, as a punishment rank, they can still play as long as they don't die, if they do,.. well we all know what hardcore is, right?

    Just a simple plugin is needed, I use McMyAdmin, so listed permission nodes would be greatly helpful, so I can set up a group with the node that forces players into hardcore no matter if they are ccreative, flying, godmode enabled, just force them into survival and into hardcore.

    My server has Citizens plugin installed, and when I get it set up right with PermissionsEX, I can have the spawn guards attack fugitives on sight, and I also have "travelling guards" that well, travel, between towns, and will attack on sight, and special npc's will an enormous hunt radius, taking advantage of the pathfinding coding(if theres any) and will seek out fugitives, but its not all bad for the hardcore players, there are "safehavens" built, that a fugitive can hide at, where players/npcs protect the fugitives, so it adds a much higher sense of survival..

    Some features I would like are:
    -Configurable BanTime so I can change it from a TempBan or a Permban, (depending on the node?)
    -PermissionsEX compatible, (not sure if it's necessary)
    -Definetly compatible for McMyAdmin needed
    (open for suggestions)

    If you would like to help me, and/or have questions or anything, you can contact me at:
    [email protected]
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    BanOnDeath? Just make every rank except for fugitive exempt from being banned on death.

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