Friends cant connect to MC server but I can

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by VEX_Instincts, Apr 30, 2023.

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    Ive port forwarded, made sure my firewall accepts both 25565 TCU and UDP wise and also accepts Java and Javaw, i downloaded the correct stuff onto the computer, and yet it doesnt work for my friends. I connected to on a different computer as well through the IPV4 address, but it wont let me connect through the public IPV4. Please help!
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    Hii, so well i also had such a problem and well, it seems that the others that want to connect get smth like "Connection Timed Out" or "Connection Refused" error message and well it seems to be actually caused due to the port forwarding. You see, 25565 is a port, that java servers use, ans if you port forward it both for tcp and udp, you will have this error, as the computers outside don't seem to know which protocoll to use since both udp and tcp use the same port.

    First option: Disable UDP completely, if you don't use GeyserMC and Floodgate (For Java-Bedrock Crossplay) -> well ig u know hot to do that since you created the firewall rule
    Second option: Delete the UDP rule on Port 25565 and use the Bedrock Port instead (19132)

    Another cause might be that you created firewall rules just on your pc that port forward on port 25565 TCP/UDP, but didn't create a rule for your pc's ip and port in your router (if you only make firewall rules on your pc, your pc will let outsiders connect to ur pc on that port, but if you don't enable the firewall rule in your router, the outsiders won't even be able to connect to your pc as the router wouldn't let them go trough)

    Edit: sry for my bad explanation btw, eng isn't my main language

    Edit2: Btw, if you don't wat to mess around with firewall rules in your router, you can use ngrok, you just need to create a free account, which will allow you to port forward 1 free port at a time without even touching such things as firewall, as it kinda just connects your port with their server and they create a custom ip and port for you, that connects to the port you assigned it to. But: 1) Its only TCP (well java still only uses TCP so if you don't have a crossplay server, it's absolutely fine) 2) the ip and port has a high probability of changing after restarting the programm, so always check after port forwarding via ngrok and give your friends the latest ip and port.
    3) after downloading you have to authenticate with the authentication key ngrok displays on your online dashboard (ngrok config add-authtoken <your auth-token>)

    you start their service by typing ngrok tcp 25565 --region <your region>
    or just ngrok tcp 25565 -> it should connect you to their nearest server
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