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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by spoothie, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,
    I wonder if it is possible to freeze mobs, so that they just stay at their location and do nothing (especially don't move). I already looked for an EntityMove Event, but it seems that there isn't any.

  2. If I remember, you have to edit the mob class manually -_-
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    Daniel Heppner

    You can't cancel the entity move event? How about teleporting entities? You could teleport them back to where they were every time that they move.
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    Yeah, but there's no entity move event (for performance reasons, else the event fires hundrets of times every tick for all entities, including dropped items) so you can't. Using a scheduled task is buggy (as hell).

    I replaced the minecart class with my own (extending the entity) to change physics behaviours, I see no other way atm.

    It's pretty easy though: simply kill (dead = true) the old entity, send death packets to all players on the world and add your custom entity by:
    - Initialize a new entity (new MyCustoMClass(world, x, y, z))
    - Set all properties of your new entity to those of the old entity
    - world.addEntity(new entity)
    - tele passenger over (if needed)

        public static void replaceMinecarts(EntityMinecart toreplace, EntityMinecart with) {
            with.yaw = toreplace.yaw;
            with.pitch = toreplace.pitch;
            with.locX = toreplace.locX;
            with.locY = toreplace.locY;
            with.locZ = toreplace.locZ;
            with.motX = toreplace.motX;
            with.motY = toreplace.motY;
            with.motZ = toreplace.motZ;
            with.e = toreplace.e;
            with.f = toreplace.f;
            with.g = toreplace.g;
            with.uniqueId = toreplace.uniqueId;
            toreplace.uniqueId = new UUID(0, 0);
            ItemStack[] items = toreplace.getContents();
            for (int i = 0;i < items.length;i++) {
                if (items[i] != null) {
                    with.setItem(i, new ItemStack(items[i].id, items[i].count, items[i].damage));
            for (int i = 0;i < items.length;i++) toreplace.setItem(i, null);
            //This is the only 'real' remove method that seems to work...
            toreplace.dead = true;
            Packet29DestroyEntity packet = new Packet29DestroyEntity(;
            for (Player p : {
            if (toreplace.passenger != null) toreplace.passenger.setPassengerOf(with);
        public static MinecartMember get(Minecart m, MinecartGroup group) {
            //to prevent unneeded cart conversions
            EntityMinecart em = EntityUtil.getNative(m);
            if (em instanceof MinecartMember) {
                MinecartMember mm = (MinecartMember) em;
       = group;
                return mm;
            //declare a new MinecartMember with the same characteristics as the previous EntityMinecart
            MinecartMember f = new MinecartMember(, em.lastX, em.lastY, em.lastZ, em.type);
   = group;
            EntityUtil.replaceMinecarts(em, f);
            return f;
    Important: don't forget to undo the entity replacement in onDisable or your entities could get lost forever. (is not stored on disk)
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    Wow. Thanks @bergerkiller, I'll try that tomorrow. :)
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