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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Ferkswe, May 15, 2012.

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    So, free stuff. Who doesn't love free stuff?
    Let me elaborate.
    I'm a random person that does a little web-hosting stuff, minecraftserver related stuff and similar things. I've got a few machines running and some of them have left over performance.
    So I figured it'd be a great way to give back to this community.

    What I offer:

    Teamspeak 3 server:
    32 slots, full server admin.
    24/7 uptime
    10 available (Using non profit license)
    Subdomain of

    2 gb (Or something) space.
    24/7 uptime
    Subdomain of

    Minecraft testservers (Currently full)
    Oracle's Java 7
    Full access (homefolder)
    Subdomain of

    5 gb space
    Any port but 80
    24/7 uptime
    Subdomain of

    5 gb space
    24/7 uptime
    Ftp access
    Http access (Downloadable from browser)
    Subdomain of

    I need something else
    No problem, PM me and we can discuss it.

    I run a server, can I haz?

    Happy people:





    What I require in return
    I don't want anything back. No money, no advertisement, no nothing.
    What I do require is that you are an active developer that gives something back to the community.
    I also ask that you do not abuse the permissions, I base this on trust.
    It's also required that you know how to use CentOs if you want a testserver, I offer little to no support.

    It's all first come, first server and I reserve the right to kick anyone that doesn't follow my simple rules out without warning.

    I do this just for fun and for free, I'm still paying for these servers.
    If you are interested, PM me. If you have any questions post them here.

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    I could use a tiny bit of server to run my Jenkins on.. That would be great! (Do I need to PM you? I see it in the thread but I'm not sure what to add)
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    I'll just give you ftp access and you can take things from there. Install what you want.
    I'll PM you more details.
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    I honestly thought more people would be interested. Did I mention it's Free?
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    I'm interested in TeamSpeak (maybe).

    But, I'm not a developer. I spend 2-7 hours a day in Bukkit Help though.. That's got to count for something? :p
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    I'd be interested :)
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    I'll send you a pm in a second.

    In what?

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    I'd be interested in the Teamspeak 3 server for my community. I also need to switch my webhosting provider, as they suck, but I'm really after the teamspeak server.

    I am not a developer, but I do run a server (for the community ;)) and I spend a good amount of time responding to Bukkit Help questions and just randomness :)
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    sillyrosster well, they are reserved for dev's only but I'll think about it.
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    I'm cool with whatever you decide. You're awesome for even offering this for free.
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    I always can use a test server!
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    Sending over the login details!
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    While I don't really need anything and have my own servers, I'd like to thank you for providing this stuff, it's a good way to support everyone here :)

    As far as hosting multiple jenkins goes, I would just host them on different ports.
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    Curious question:
    Do you host all this, or are these left overs from what you bought?
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    If there are any teamspeak servers left I'd gladly take one. I am very active on the bukkit forums and I do have a plugin on bukkitdev, I am currently developing another also.
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    The webhosting is done on my webhost, which I pay for yearly. The space I offer here is space I have no use for.
    The testsevers and teamspeak are run on a host that I have for my own testservers and just testing/fooling around on. Unlike the webserver I could probably live without this one.

    There's teamspeaks left, what will you be using it for?
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    A hint for you: If you apply for non-profit TS licence, you can get a licence.dat file that allows you to host up to 512 slots for 1 TS instance up to 10 instances.
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    That's exactly what I'm using.
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    Ah, the slots threw me off since I apparently can't read and skipped the NPO part :O
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    I'd like a TeamSpeak 3 server please!
    I'll need to know how long this program lasts though- I already have a provider that estimates that his program will last for 5 years.
    I am a developer, yes. You can see my plugins in my signature.
    I plan on using the server for my Minecraft server. I don't need to use the TeamSpeak server right away; I have some stuff to still set up.
    If it's possible, I also need a host for my minecraft server. If you don't mind me asking, if you can host it for me, would it be free? I'd only need about 15-20 slots.
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    Yeah, I could have offered 51.2 slots per server but I felt that not that many people have more than 32 people at once, so this saves performance.
    What program? How long Teamspeak lasts? No idea. How long my server will stay up? I don't see any point in removing it as of now so as long as I don't suddenly go broke or get hit by a bus (Or abducted by aliens or become an international superhero or become an intergalactic supervillan or explode, you get the point).
    I also must ask, what will you be using it for?

    When it comes to hosting, I cannot provide you with a free host for your server as those things do costs.
    My testservers are not for production use, they are only for showcasing, testing and breaking plugins.
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    I do run a minecraft server, and a teamspeak for it would be awesome.
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    Pm me the ip and I shall consider it.
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    Lol, I just realized, you're the person that broke grass in 2 plots at the spawn and then left :p
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    This is a pretty awesome thing to offer the community. Thanks for sharing!
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    Indeed, I got so confused that I could break blocks in your spawnarea. And then I ran away!
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    Yeah, they are plots for new users to build in :p
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    Currently rented out:
    1 jenkins
    2 websites
    1 testserver
    2 teamspeaks
    Hurry up and grab some! Because the interest is really huge! (It's really not, I just like pretending to be popular)
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    Currently do not need the teampspeak server - will let you know in the future.
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    Sorry if this becomes a zombie, but stuff's still up for grabbing. But please do note that you need to create plugins available to the public, or in some other way contribute to the community. Running a minecraft server is not enough.
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