[FREE] Plugin Logos (Designed By Derpzord)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Derpzord, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Oh this reminded me, I would love it if you could give me mine in a vector format! I don't know if you use a vector program or not, but if you do it would be much appreciated
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    Oh I guess I can't get vectors then XD
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    This guy is just bloody brilliant! he should get paid
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    Sorry man :'(



    My copy of Illustrator's in the mail. I'll use it soon.

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    I would find easier for this kind of icons to use Fireworks, but each person knows their abilities better. Fireworks is like Illustrator pixelated.
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    These are brilliant, keep it up dude, I'll come to you if I ever make a plugin. :p
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    NAME: BukkitMeme
    LINK: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukkitmeme/
    COLOR: Doesn't matter.
    TYPE: Kinda like a meme-covered icon (trollface.png, etc) With "LOL!" "RAGE!!" etc. Around them.
    DETAILS: Have the name of the commands spread in a circle-like thing around the memes.
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    I am amazed with what I have seen so far, and would like to make a request of my own:

    NAME: LDLogger
    LINK: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ldlogger/
    COLOR: Completely up to you
    TYPE: combo
    DETAILS: Not entirely sure what I want here, so it's up to what you decide to do. It's mainly intended to be a lightweight anti-spam/anti-cheat hybrid, focusing on logging information and letting staff act on that information themselves. Perhaps a piece of paper or a log file of some kind?
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    hey could you please post the image without text, larger file size and what font you used please? i wanna make a banner and other things for my site, thanks again!
  16. NAME: Moar Bows "n" stuff
    LINK: N/A ,I need to finish it tomorrow!
    COLOR: N/A
    TYPE: Combo
    DETAILS: A cool picture with bows + explosions would be epic

    Thank you for this!!!!
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    Wow these are quite good, I have a few plugins but for now I will focus on two the first is
    NAME: Cat Owner
    LINK: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/catowner/
    COLOR: idk cats?
    TYPE: You decide since I don't remember what the types were
    Details: convays the use of this plugin

    The second is not all that finished but has enough details for a logo

    NAME: DesertLiving
    LINK: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/desertliving/
    COLOR: Dark colorscape please I want it to seem like golden twilighty
    TYPE: same as above
    Details: this plugin will make living in the desert an interesting prospect. Moving by night will be required, heat will have damage and being in sunlight in the desert will be possibly deadly without protection. This + The bukkit dev page

    I know you said 1 request per day but I have stuff tomorrow so I cannot post then.
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  20. NAME: NoDispense
    LINK: ClickMe
    DETAILS: i would like the logo to look like the black ops 2 logo "NoDispense" being the "CallofDuty" and "Mark4" being black ops II
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    ^ Above is the one I made which isn't that brilliant

    If you could make something using vibrant colours similar to the various sheep dyes available, that would be great.

    Thanks! :)
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    Amazing logos man. Excellent job. :D
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    Name: ZombieZ
    Link: dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/zombiez
    Colour: anything you think is suitable
    Type: banner?
    Text: ZombieZ and side line of DayZ but square - if possible
    Details: it a zombie ablockalypse (So be very imaginative :) )
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    NAME: Sabotage

    LINK: Not on bukkitdev yet, but its an arena-type Game, with teams and objective based game play. Based off the Sabotage Game Mode within The Call of Duty Games. Most notable, modern warfare 2 & 3.

    COLOR: Green is the Main color, here is the type of green i would like.(link). the other two sub-colors are red/blue(the teams).

    TYPE: Logo and a Combo.

    DETAILS: IF u could include a sword(maybe 2?), maybe add a Bomb(objective) with a timer on it, or over it. Here's a link which has a picture at the bottom of the bomb i would like in the logo. LINK
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    COLOR: SkyBlue and White
    TYPE: "AVSHOP" and in smaller text under it, "Save $, be happy".
    DETAILS: AVSHOP will be store sign, and under it will be smaller text. So, basicalyl I want a store. :]
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    Are you ever going to remove me as an author from that project? :confused: :p
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    Nah, you expressed interest. That counts :D
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