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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Eclipse_Minecraft_Coder, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. I am looking for a server hosting program that is free and doesn't limit stuff like plugins, or players. Is there such a hosting program? I want it also not to lag, or anything like that:oops: ? I code plugins and I don't want to be limited on those:D[chest][chest][creeper][spider][cobble][diamond]
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    @Eclipse_Minecraft_Coder I doubt it that they exist.
    Hosting costs money, it needs to come from somewhere.
    Hosting big servers costs more money, that is why they limit the free stuff to the minimum.
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  3. @Eclipse_Minecraft_Coder
    As @timtower has said, hosting servers cost money, so I doubt you will get a good, non limited one for free. You can however, get quite decent servers for cheap, I personally have a website host for $2 a month.
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    As the post above said such a thing doesnt exist. I personally host my own server but i have a extreme edition processor :/

    No hosting service will provide all that to be honest im a bit surprised you think that exist for free
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    if you're just developing plugins, it's probably easier to host a local server and test on that, as said above.
    realistically, you're not going to find anything for free with no limits. people need to get money return for their hosting services since they have to spend money as well, anything free is probably limited or just has a sketchy terms of service.
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    @ebildude123, I have a server on my desktop specifically for testing plugins. The performance isn't great, but it works for what I need it to do. I'd suggest you do the same.
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    think you meant to tag OP not me
  9. I want to make a high-powered PC for this. I think I might just buy hosting. Thanks all!
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    Seriously, Only for $2 a month? its very cheap & best. good good. thanks
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