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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Heaved, Apr 4, 2021.

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    Minecraft version : 1.8.8

    Suggested name : Free Exp Block

    What I want: I'd like If Someone Make Me A Plugin ^-^ Its A Free Exp Block . So U Place Any Block Of Ur Choice And Do The Command /Setexpblock [Facing The Block]
    It Will Add A Free Exp Block Like 10 Exp Level When U Just Click It . Only If U Have The Permission + If U Have The Correct Permission U Will Be Able To Take As Much As U Like ^^

    Ideas for commands : /Setexpblock to set the Exp Block

    Ideas for permissions :
    - ExpBlock.set for the /Setexpblock command
    - ExpBlock.take To Get Free Exp

    When I'd like it by : As Soon As You Can . And Thank UUUU
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    This sounds like an interesting project. I just have one question. By saying "if u have he correct permission u will be able to take as much as u like". Does this mean that players without certain permission can only get exp once in a certain time span or can everyone get as much exp as they want (as long as they have expblock.take permission)?

    Kind regards
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    Hii .

    No He Can't Take Anything It Will Tell Him "You Don't Have Permission" Only Players Who Have "ExpBlock.take" Perm . Can Use The EXP BLOCK ^^

    Thank You ^^
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    Here is the finished plugin. As requested you can set EXP blocks which players who have the correct permission, will be able to click and gain certain amount of EXP from it. Below you can find quick documentation of how the plugin works.


    exp-amount => amount of exp per once click on block
    everything else => all chat messages that this plugin sends out (you can fully customize them, including the colors and everything else)


    => sets the block you are facing to an exp block (max. distance: 10 blocks)


    => Permission needed for using the /setexpblock command (default: op)

    => Permission needed for gaining the exp from a block (default: op)

    If you have any questions, issues or further requests, send them here and I'll take a look at it as soon as possible ^-^

    Kind regards

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    Bro Thank You So Much You Are Great Dev . It's All What I Needed And It's Working Super Fine . Thank You <3

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