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    Since the 1.0 minecraft version, you probably say : "I don't make spleef today, i've 42 levels on me and i don't want to lose them". With my plugin of XP Bank, you can deposit your experience points in a special sign and withdraw them later.

    Features :
    # Storage of Experience Points in Bank Signs.
    # Configurable Delay between Bank Signs utilisations.
    # Backup of Accounts and Signs' Locations in a file.
    # Permissions.

    Utilisation :
    • An Op (or an authorized player [with permissions]) create a sign with "[XPBank]" on the first line. The sign is update with the first line in red and with others lines which display the number of accounts and the number total of experience points deposited in the signs. All the signs are interconnected, so you can deposit your xp in a sign and withdraw it in another sign.
    • Do a Left-Click for deposit your XP. Only complete levels are saved. So if you have 5 levels and 1/2 of a level, you could only deposit 5 levels.
    • Do a Right-Click for withdraw your XP.
    • It is possible to configure a delay between two deposits/withdrawals, look the Configuration/Backup File.

    Permissions :
    • : Allow the player to create an XP Bank sign.
      • Default Value : op only.
    • xpbank.use : Allow the player to deposit and withdraw his XP in an XP Bank sign.
      • Default Value : All players.

    Configuration/Backup File :
    • The backup of accounts and signs' location is in plugins/XPBank/plugin.yml.
    • Accounts are saved by couple "player: xp". It is the number of XP points, not the levels number which is displayed.
    • Signs's Locations are grouped by worlds with values X/Y/Z.
    • You can edit the accounts backup even when the server is running, unlike of the edition of signs locations.
    • The entry "Delai" shows a duration in milliseconds. It is possible to move the line at the begin of the file for more lisibility.

    Downloads :
    Github Account

    Licence :

    ChangeLog :
    • 1.5.2 : Correcting a Bug : The displaying is now correct when you make a sign.
    • 1.5.1 : Adding a information message when a sign is created.
    • 1.5 : Up for Bukkit 1.3 (xp calculating), adding a delay function.
    • 1.4.2 : Changing signs colors, permissions nodes are now operationals.
    • 1.4 : Correcting Bugs, Backup more clear, Adding permissions.
    • 1.3 : Adding accounts backup, better management of experience.
    • 1.1 : Adding backup of signs locations.

    Hello world !

    As you see, it's a french plugin (on, translated in english by the will on the community. I ask you giving me your feedback about my creation, it can also be translations errors (nobody is perfect ^^).

    Now, the sentences inside the plugin are not translated, but it will come in a few days.

    EDIT : plugin translated !

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