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  1. Hi,

    So when playing minecraft you get board of the 3 simple dimension and i think its time to make a plugin that makes a fourth dimension. Some of you may of heard of the mod called "Aether Portal" I Think it would be a great idea to remake this into a plugin but without the modded mobs / blocks. It would be awesome if someone could remake it so you can build a portal out of glowstone as a member (Not using Multiverse as you need admin perms) and then teleport to the sky where there would be clouds made out of snow and other things. Basically like heaven but with clouds made out of snow and little islands and so on.

    If your wondering what i mean by the portals. I Basically want anyone to be able to make a portals out of glow stone and tp to the Aether dimension.

    I Have seen many other threads of people just saying to use Multiverse portals and make a sky island world but that defeats the purpose of building the portal and getting to go to this wonderful place. Also there would not be clouds made out of snow and other things, if it was just a isalnd world...

    Also you could make small castles out of snow or other blocks like a mini fortress but in the Aether dimension

    Tell me what you think :)
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    AncientGates is all you need. Have that link up with an "aether area"
  3. Don't think you understand that i want players to be able to build them not admins with perms..... i want anyone to build it like a neater portal...
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    So this "4th dimension" is a separate world file, correct?
  5. Yes like the End & Overworld
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    I'll make this.
    I'll be done in a couple hours
  7. Done?
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    Fun Fact:
    A fourth dimension is possible in game programming. That's why OpenGl is better than and pre-built engine! Not really, but it's still better
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