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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Sexy284, Mar 24, 2014.

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    I have a small problem and im guessing this is the best place to say it as there is no bukkit dev or curse page for it.

    I'm not sure if you designed it like this but the broken blocks function can be on any blocks. Once an item has a blocks broken it can not be stacked with another block with a different amount of blocks broken.

    For example of I place a torch and brake that torch with the stack of torches I used to place it. The torch that i broke will not stack with the other torches because those torches now have a block broken.

    I was wondering if you could make it ONLY appear on tools. Like pickaxe, shovel, axe and not blocks/items.
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    Pastrana Yes sure, I will make that when I come back from school
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    au2001 i have a problem im not ure if its this plugin but becuase you use shift and click to craft blocks from ingots, player cant shift and place a sign on a chest =(
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    disable orestoblocks for now work for me
  5. au2001 I found a bug, When breaking a block with a item in your hand the item you was holding to destroy the block sometimes makes it dissapear possible fix please? ive not seen you online for ages.
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    Xeyle ReeferX7 I will upload a new version veeery soon to fix that ;)

    CatzFuriousSpeed I'll try to fix that ;)
    And yeah, I know, I had a problem with my commuter :(

    EDIT: Uploaded
  7. au2001 Doesnt seem uploaded, still un-able to shift right click.
    Also the blocks are still using the counter should only make it only so the tools can be used for the counter
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    CatzFuriousSpeed Might be a problem with the upload, I had already fixed those three things :/
    I'll re-upload it and tell you so that you can test ;)

    EDIT: Re-uploaded
  9. au2001 Okay, please read skype :)

    au2001 Shift+Right click still remains a problem

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  10. au2001 Make a client side toggler, e.g. /ic otb on // off
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    TheGamesHawk2001 What for? I just uploaded the new version that makes so that you can place blocks on chests etc. ;)
    And I also fixed the block destroying problem CatzFuriousSpeed mentioned and I made it so that only tools get the blocks broken thing
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    au2001 my players are having issues with silk touch enchant on picks.If theres a way to fix ot can you tell me? or update your plugin if that is a bug :)
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    au2001 there is a couple issues with auto pickup plugin. Basically when someone's inventory is full it sometimes just drops the plugin.

    Also when changing the full message is says full message in it so if I set it to FULL it will say fullmessage FULL

    And can you make it say the full message every single block you mine if it's full
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    zLemonProz "just drops the plugin." what .—.

    "Also when changing the full message is says full message in it so if I set it to FULL it will say fullmessage FULL"
    I really don't understand your post :x

    "And can you make it say the full message every single block you mine if it's full"
    I'll make that you can choose every how many block it says it in the config this weekend, don't have time now :(
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    au2001 For some reason i am still having troubles with the Placeing signs on chests =.= even after downloading the plugin twice, do i need to delete my config ?
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    Xeyle ... Nope I didn't change anything in the config
    Is anybody else having trouble with that?
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    Sorry, I was really tired when I sent that.

    Basically when you set the full message, it literally says 'fullmessage CUSTOM FULL MESSAGE'

    So if I set it to &cHi it will say 'fullmessage &chi' so it says fullmessage when it says it.

    Also when your inventory is full and you mine sometimes it Glitches out and drops the blocks when it isn't supposed to.)
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    zLemonProz Oh okay... Strange ._.
    And yeah, I know, someone else told me, it's when the amount of blocks you should get can't fit in your inv, it drops it

    I will fix all the bugs you pointed out ASAP.
    But I have no time to code this morning, maybe this afternoon, and if not, this weekend...
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    Hey, please could you notify me when you have updated it! Thanks
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    au2001 I know this may be drifting away from the original intentions of this plugin, but is it possible to make the "Blocks Mined" feature run a server command once a certain number of blocks is mined. It could be useful as an "upgrade" feature for users, like for example, when they mine 5000 block you can tell the server to run a command in the config that increases the fortune on the users tool, or give the user an item. Same for when thy mine 10000, and so on. If this is or isn't possible let me know. Thanks.
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    au2001 just remember to add my request where you can actually fill up your inventory ,and not have like 54 blocks leftover in your inventory.Can you make it configurable also? For like the other people if they don't want it like that.
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    Hey au2001 i find in my logs a tone of errors like this:

    After some test i see this error comes when players break blocks with hand. can u fix it pls?
  23. au2001 Hey dude when you can could you fix the problem with shift right clicking disabling block placing?
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    kenny2028 rexatar45 I will add that as soon as I get my computer...
    ReeferX7 :O I guess I know why it does that, I'll fix it at the same time as I add other requests.
    CatzFuriousSpeed Yeah, soory, I thought I would have time this weekend ;(

    Btw, sorry for this week-end, I wasn't at home and didn't have my computer :(
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    au2001 So when do u think the block placing will be fixed ?
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    Xeyle At the end of this week for sure since I'll be in vacations ;)
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    Hey did you get my issues fixed or is that coming when you get to your pc :D au2001
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    au2001 hey, I have managed to fix my issues. The fullmessage glitches out when you use the command in game but is fixable in the config. And I changed dropdown to false to fix my other issue.

    All is fine for now! Maybe a option for how often to send the fullmessage

    Also I need the shift placing bug to be fixed asap because players cannot create chestshops etc, thanks!

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    Is it possible to fix it so when dropdowns is on true and auto pickup is true. it would allow auto pickup until your inventory is full, it will then start to drop all the blocks?
    I'm about to test this but the last time I did it, it only dropped items every 10 blocks or so.
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    Then add a option to enable or disable this :/ not everyone wants it
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