Fortification and Block HP for PvP

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Aronix12, Aug 4, 2019.

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    As a forewarning this is a very demanding request, but I've been thinking so much about it that I wanted to at least try to see if someone would be willing to make this. Essentially I want to make it so that people would want to consider what they're bases are built out of for defensive purposes. How I would like this handled comes in the form of combining the ideas from a number of plugins in the past like citadel.

    Overall, I would like blocks to run off of an HP system instead of break time. Blocks should take damage, and retain it until broken and replaced, or until they are repaired. I would also like an option for the block HP to only run on player placed blocks, or across the world as a whole.

    This plugin should have a strong configuration to control just how much heath blocks have, and how much damage they take from differing sources. The HP should be equal in idea to the HP of a mob, and any weapon should be able to apply damage directly to the block. Blocks would then have configured resistances from each tool, weapon, and damage source such as explosions separately. If possible It would be fantastic if blocks can take damage from arrows, or even better allow Crackshot weapons to be able to be registered and functional for destroying blocks via this method as well.

    If it is at all possible, I would like to be able to have just about any block be configured to be able to catch fire, as well as define how long the block stays aflame, and how much damage it takes per damage tick.

    The idea is to give the server owner the most flexibility in how strong each block type is, and allow players to be able to damage blocks and fight in a variety of ways to breach walls, and make stronger bases.

    I'd also like this plugin to utilize the mcmmo party system. Player placed blocks should not allow enemy players to place blocks on them (unless disabled in the config) but players in your party may place blocks freely next to yours.

    Players should also have the ability to reinforce blocks with Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Obsidian. Blocks should only be able to be reinforced if they are player owned, and only players in their party can reinforce. The different materials should be configured to multiply the base health of the block depending on which material is being used.

    As for block repairing I don't have a specific preference on how it should be handled... I wouldn't mind if the player had to completely break and re-place blocks in order to fix them, but if you decide to make something more convenient that would be wonderful as well.

    I understand that this is extremely demanding, and that perhaps not all this is possible, but I think it's a proper niche for pvp that would change how the game feels in a fantastic way.
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    Also it would have to be compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10 unfortunately
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    Nothing wrong with 1.7.10, and also this looks kinda fun.
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    It would certainly be fantastic. I hope someone picks it up.
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