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    Still looking for a Dev!!

    Plugin category: pvp

    Suggested name: WeaponEnhancements

    Please read whole thing before commenting :)

    What I want: I would like a plugin that changes bow Enchantments, I don't no if its possible to change what the enchant dose but I am pretty sure it is possible.

    Shotgun Bow: When enchanted with Punch I 3-5 arrows are shot. The normal effects of Punch I stays on.

    Machine Gun Bow: When enchanted with Infinity I. when right click is held down rapidly fire arrows at with at .1 of second gap between each. The normal effects of Infinity I is taken of( not unlimited arrows)

    Reload Function: After firing 16 arrows with the shotgun bow it displays a message in chat '&4Reloading Weapon' When the message is displayed you can not fire intill it says '$4Reloading Complete'. If you change the weapon you were on while reaload it cancels the reload and displays '&4Reload Canceled'. You must then change to that weapon again and it will start reloading again. Here is the following Reloads for Each weapon. Shotgun bow 16 shots 2 second wait. Machinegun bow 64 shots 1 second reload. Sniper bow 3 shot 3 second reload.

    Please if you could add the above Features.

    The features below you do not have to add but you would be awesome if you did add them in :)

    Sniper Bow: When enchanted with Power I. The arrow (if bow was fully pulled back) will stay straight and not fall. Normal Power I effects stay on

    Grenade: when you right click with a enderpearl it throws it and where it lands a explosion the size of creeper explosion happens( No block damage Just mob and player damage) Also you do not get tped when you right click with enderpearl.

    Molotov cock tail: When you throw a Snow ball a 3x3 area around it lights on fire for 10 seconds

    Ideas for commands: None

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: Your coding it you decide :)
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    Well if that doesn't get anyones attention, nothing will XD
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    That looks like it may be helpful thanks :), It would be cool if i could get it all in one plugin.

    and also the grenades need to be toggled witch is a bit annoying
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    I'm developing it too, so I could enable an option where, when a player joins, they have it instantly or I could make it where they just need a permission.
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    Awesome If you were to add that I would definitely use it.

    This would make a awesome flashband with that plugin.

    - confusion
    - blindness
    confusion-duration: 15
    blindness-duration: 10

    Also would it be possible to make it if Player is looking at where the egg landed it gets the effects? that would make it awesome :)
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    Still busy, sorry. Good idea though
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    Working on PTweaks.
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    I'll take a look at it tonight for you, I am having dinner out so it will be later!
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    Oh but it is Woobie, it is! :p

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    Always used "becouse", BECOUSE its the same thing as "because" where I live.

    It is possible? :confused:
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    It is possible
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    Start a repeating task that checks if a player right clicks. Make it repeat every 20 tick (1 sec.) or something.
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    Not trying to be rude but are any of you working on it :)

    Edit: added reload times check the op :)
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    Sorry, I'm busy ATM with other projects! :)
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    I would but i'm busy with infected... but it wouldn't be that hard to make. But i do have a question why is the Molotov cocktail a snow ball? Isn't that a bit too ironic?
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    Lol, kind of is.
    What else would it be though if an enderpearl becames explosion on impact
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    fire charge?
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    That is over complicated, could you even make the fire charge throwable?
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    Spawn item, set velocity.
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    So... You want to make your own version of GhostCraft? Ha! Good luck with that, people worked very hard to make it, and stealing their idea is just...

    Besides, their servers are going public soon, so you don't have to pay.
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    This is how i make my grenades

    3. else if (player.getItemInHand().getType() == Material.SNOW_BALL) {
    4. final Item grenade = event.getPlayer().getWorld().dropItem(player.getEyeLocation(), new ItemStack(Material.SNOW_BALL));
    5. grenade.setVelocity(event.getPlayer().getEyeLocation().getDirection());
    6. item.add(grenade.getUniqueId().toString());
    7. player.getInventory().removeItem(grenade.getItemStack());
    8. Bukkit.getServer().getScheduler().scheduleSyncDelayedTask(plugin, new Runnable() {
    9. @Override
    10. public void run() {
    11. grenade.getWorld().playEffect(grenade.getLocation(), Effect.SMOKE, 5);
    12. for(Player ppl : Bukkit.getServer().getOnlinePlayers())
    13. if(Methods.isPlayer(ppl)&&ppl.getLocation().distance(grenade.getLocation())<5){
    14. ppl.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.SLOW, 20, 1));
    15. ppl.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.BLINDNESS, 100, 2));
    16. ppl.playEffect(EntityEffect.HURT);
    17. }
    18. grenade.remove();
    19. grenade.playEffect(EntityEffect.WOLF_SMOKE);
    20. item.remove(grenade.getUniqueId().toString());
    21. }
    22. }, 60L);
    23. event.setCancelled(true);
    24. }
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    I am going to make a plugin just like this and i'd be happy to add these weapons too it!

    I am making a GhostCraft esque plugin right now

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    The Shotgun bow could be possible by spawning arrows and setting their velocities.
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    My server is going to be nothing like ghostcraft...

    and i had this idea before I had even heard if it

    Lol I don't think anyone is actually developing it. just having a conversation about how it would work

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    Very interesting. If the source code could be posted I'd be very happy. I want to start bukkit development and I think I should start here. :)
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    So you wont to code??

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