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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: VoteRewards

    What I want: The other day i was on this interesting server I found and they used a plugin called vote rewards which was different from voteifier and was really interesting. So later on I did a quick google search and I found that someone made a video on that plugin 3 months ago and they had a website so I went on and the website was inactive. So I want to know if someone knew how to get this plugin or if they could make it it worked with planet mine craft and a few other top mine craft server websites.

    Ideas for commands: Here are the commands it had /rwd xp:item:money that way the player picks which reward they want to get but it couldn't be used within the same 24 hours so players won't abuse it. And the second command was /top5 to see the top five voters

    Ideas for permissions: I don't think this needs permissions because most servers want all there players to vote and get the rewards.

    When I'd like it by: When ever, i'm learning to code and I know this would be a big plugin so Iunder stand if it takes some time :) Thank You!

    P.S. If someone can add if it checks if you have voted or not and it would say
    <InsetnameHere> You have not voted please vote at <InsertLinkHere> for fabulous prizes such as <ItemNameHere>, XP, or money. Or a choice for the message to be configureable thank you.
    And the permissions nodes for this would be vote rewards.bypass so if you have that it won't tell you to vote.

    Bump! :)

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    Are you sure it didn't use votifier? Seems like it would be a vote LISTENER that depends on Votifier. /top5 would query a (MySQL?) database. So would all the other features...

    Seems like you need Votifier, a MySQL logger, and then this listener.
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    No its a separate plugin i googled the plugin later there is a video on the plugin :p
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    How does it verify the votes?
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    Thats the video
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    izak1234 (Daniel). I can make something for you. Just chat me back on the DevChat on Skype.
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