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    Plugin category: Gen/Mech

    Suggested name: Residence+

    A bit about me: I'm just a kid looking to make a kick-arse server!

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that works with residence to do what Empire Minecraft did. Thave a self-coded version of Residence, where they have infinite plots with a residence at each one with an address and self-claiming service. So say you have infinite plots that is generated using a WGEN, great, what do I do now? But INTEGRATED with that plugin is code that sets up a residence and address in each infinite plot with numbers (Doesnt have to be infinite, I wont have the entire world on my server). This could open new possibilites for servers!

    Ideas for commands: Just the commands in Residence. NO other commands needed

    Ideas for permissions: Just the permissions for Residence

    Willing to pay up to: $0. Sorry, I am not of age where I even have an income.

    When I'd like it by: As long as it is good work, by the new year preferably.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @richard_Robinson @Crash @codename_B
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    With the iconomy commands all you need to do is go into the plugin.yml add some aliases and there you go
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    Did that, got a .zip error in console because I'm on a mac with no 7Zip or WinRar so I had to turn it into a folder to change it.

    I am hoping @Crash or @richard Robinson can take this over

    Seriously? NO ONE wants to do this? What happened to the liveliness of this forum. It just, DIED all of a sudden.

    Hope Im not bumping this that badly, but come on, I'm sure many people would be interested in this!

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    not really,xD
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    Why not? Have a self creating infinite plots with automatic residences in each plot? People can easily claim it? No work for the admins. Just infinite workless claiming!
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    maybe Factions a great alternative
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    Im not asking for Factions :p. Im looking for someone to make this plugin :p. I would really appreciate your help if you were a coder.
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    what does Residence do anyway?
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    It makes you set zones for people to claim

    My requested "add-on" states that it creates an InfinitePlot with a residence AUTOMATICALLY SET for people to claim with an address.

    /res claim 12343 claims residence number 12343
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    perhaps you're asking too much from people who know nothing about how residence works? XD
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    I'm really not sure what you want me to do, this type of plugin isn't my forte. I also have no interest in coding it.
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    @codename_B. Do you know of anyone who may be interested in this project?
    Really need this developed.
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    Perhaps the residence/towny/chunky/whatevery developer?
    If you're so desperate to get it developed maybe get some server donations together, as that tends to spark interest in projects that people would otherwise be un-interested in.

    Otherwise, go learn java and write it yourself.
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    Oops, I BUMPED into you.

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