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    Plugin category: [TP]

    Suggested name: No clue. Once you read it, you can make a name :p

    A bit about me: Small server owner...

    What I want: An easy way for users to teleport. Basically, these 'gates' would be set up by me, so all they have to do is walk into them. Let's use an example of a Nether portal to describe this:

    I have my Nether portal. With a configurable tool (WE wand if possible), I would select the portal (left click on top-left, right click on bottom-right). Then, I would type '/portal create spawn'. I would then go to where I want the partner portal to be, and type '/portal create funzone'. Then I would type '/portal link spawn funzone' and '/portal link funzone spawn'. Once I entered the 'spawn' region for the portal, I would be teleported to 'funzone', and vice versa.

    The reason I want this is because I don't want to be limited in the design of my portals. Whether I want an obsidian box or a glass tube, this plugin should still work. No buttons, pressureplates, anything.

    Also, with this linking system, I can create one- or two-way portals, or multiple portals linking to the same portal. Anything, as long as one portal doesn't link to more than one :D

    Ideas for commands:

    /portal create <name>: Name the selected portal region.

    /portal link <name1> <name2>: Link two portals.

    /portal remove <name>: Removes a portal

    /portal price <name> <integer>: Charges a user for using a portal. If positive, deduct money from user's balance. If negative, then it GIVES a user money upon teleportation. (Use Vault or iConomy. If you plan on posting this publicly, I recommend Vault :p)

    /portal msg <name> <message>: Sends <message> to the player upon teleportation

    /portal cooldown <name> <global | player> <integer> <s | m | h | d | w>: Sets a cooldown on the portal. If global, then all players will not be able to use until the time has run out. If player, then only that player can't use until the time is up.

    Ideas for permissions:

    portal.price.free (doesn't charge the price for the portal)
    portal.cooldown.global.exempt (Don't know how to order, but it would bypass the global cooldown)
    portal.cooldown.player.exempt (Bypass the per-player cooldown)
    portal.info (View the portal info)

    Ideas for config.yml:

    permission-to-use-portals: <true | false> #Whether or not a player needs 'portal.use' to use portals.

    Maybe a defaults section... That way when you create a portal, if unspecified, then it would automatically cost $5, have a player cooldown of 60s, and say the message 'Enjoy!'.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever

    Other information: All of the nodes and commands with 'portal' can be replaced with the name of this plugin. I used portal for simplicity (P.S. If you decide on a longer plugin name, then please add an alias :D).

    Also, if you could figure out a way to have the user NOT die if they walk lava in a portal... My server is called LavaCraft, so it would be cool to have lava portals (imagine a vanilla Nether portal with lava in it). If you can find out a way to have it not kill the user when they enter, that would be quite cool :D

    And, portals could be stored in a folder in the plugin folder. (i.e. plugins/plugin_name/portals/portal_name.yml)
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    Your call, but a combination of telepads, area protection (to stop lava flow/damage to players) and clever building would eliminate the need for a custom plugin, while keeping things efficient. (if you're not using a pressure plate/actual portal I believe you'd have to track player movement, which would be sort of a pain)

    You could put a telepad/telepads (to make a "wide" portal) behind a wall of lava with lava over the top of the pressure plate as well. Then when the player steps into the lava they'd touch off the pad and be sent instantly to the other side, so it would appear to them they stepped through a lava portal. Area protection would keep it from being griefed and offer damage protection from the lava.

    In fact since I have all that on my server already, I think I'm going to do that myself tonight; it would look pretty sweet.

    Good luck with this though.
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    Well, one of my plans was for a portal similar to an end portal. Where you have to land is a 3x3x1 area, and then you'll be teleported. That way, I can have portals teleport you in the air (without touching anything) and instantly.

    I didn't mention all the uses I had for this plugin, merely one.
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    Just use Multiverse-Portals
    It allows you to create portals of any shape and size by selecting an area with Worldedit and
    /mvp create <name> p:<destination portal>
    There are all sorts of nice commands that go with it, and it isn't necessarily for multiple worlds.
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    1) I would have to use Multiverse Core, which isn't exactly lightweight
    2) It doesn't have the features that I want. Do you have to pay to use it? Cooldowns? Permissions to use it? No.

    I'm looking for a plugin DEVELOPER, not an existing plugin. All of the existing ones don't fit my needs.
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    In that case, with your attitude I'd recommend:

    and also:

    I seriously doubt you've exhausted your options with existing plugins, you just want a custom fitted solution without any work on your part. Possibly you'll get lucky and some aspiring/bored dev will throw you a bone, and hopefully you'll be more appreciative of their help; in the meantime we're offering viable options.
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    I'm looking for a nice developer. And I didn't ask for links to learning Java and making plugins, thank you.

    There are actually developers who enjoy helping people.
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    I was perusing MultiVerse's page today on dev and I thought of you and this post:

    Features of Multiverse-Portals

    It doesn't explicitly state it, but I just bet it has a cooldown.
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    Yes, I know that Multiverse HAS the features, but I would need the Multiverse Core, which isn't exactly lightweight ... It really bogs down the server, and slaughters my attempt to keep a few, lightweight plugins.
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    From the MultiVerse 2 page:
    In the second delivery of Multiverse, we've broken it up into several smaller plugins that are each feature packed but not bloated! Multiverse provides the easiest to use world management solution for your Minecraft server, big or small, and with great addons like Portals and NetherPortals, what's not to love!

    I run MV on a 15-30 player server that has very modest specs, and it does just fine.

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