[Formatted] Region Protection by User (maybe as WorldGuard extension)

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    after trying different Plugins that protect Regions (WorldGuard, GriefNotify, etc.) I did not found a plugin that offers a easy way to offer users on my Server to protect their regions by their own. I really like WorldGuard but it is impossible to make users able to use it without the option to giref. GriefNotify opens the ability to let them protect, but most of my users do not understand how it works. So I decided to ask you to create the plugin with my ideas because I do not know anything about Java & Plugin Development (also I understand some parts of the code because I am good in Delphi). So lets start with my idea:

    Let your users protect their regions by their own.
    To protect a region the user has a defined amount of blocks he is able to protect.
    New protectorblocks can be bought by an economy plugin but you cannot buy more blocks than your rank lets you buy. (example: Guest: 0 Blocks, User: 10Blocks, Mod: 50Blocks...)
    To create a new region you place the block (let us say goldblock). Every block has a (by command) defineable protectionradius. The protected area goes from Bedrock to the maximum of 256.
    To see wether an area is protected you can right-click it with an defineable item.
    The protections should be the same as the once every Protection-Plugin uses (Lava,Water,Tnt,Gamemode,Build,Destroy,Fly...).

    /list -List all regions
    /namearea -Name your new created area
    /radius <regionname> -Which radius around the block shall be protected? (default in config)
    /changeflag <regionname> -Change the (in config predefined) region flags
    /myblocks -Remaining protections
    /info -To whom does the region belong? Who has building rights?

    Permissions (plz support PEX):
    coming tomorrow.

    I will finish this thread tomorrow.
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    Also a system like towny can be broken apart to find the block / worldguard limitation extension.

    But I don't know how you'd moderate that system.

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