[FORMATTED] Need an "infinite-dispenser" plugin

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zuber, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Plugin category: Mechanic-Altering

    Suggested name: UnlimitedDispensers

    A bit about me: I'm a administrator of a little server and I like to make some mini-games for my players. That's why I'm looking for something which could allow me to make "independants" minigames which can be played without needing an administrator to oversee players or a regular maintenance (refill dispensers ... =_=). I want my players to be able to play freely, whenever they want.

    What I want: I'm looking for a way to define a dispenser as an "unlimited-dispenser". I was thinking about something a bit like the "Lockette" plugin : you put a sign on a dispenser where you write [unlimited], and then the dispenser come unlimited. If it is activated, it shoot a random item, but then it is instantly refilled by this same item. You can also, for example, fill it with 3 different items, so there is 33% chances for each item to be shot, but the amount of items do not decrease.

    EDIT : It would be perfect if an unlimited-dispensers would be only accessible to OPs !

    Ideas for commands: If it is not possible to make a "Lockette-like" plugin (or if you're just too lazy), maybe it should be something like /unldisp, and then a right-click on a dispenser to make it unlimited. Doing the command twice would bring the dispenser back to a normal status.
    If you have the time ...
    - /unlabort, to abort the command (so you can right-click a dispenser without changing it).
    - /unlcheck + right click, to see if a dispenser is unlimited or not
    - A sentence in the chat that tell you if you correctly did the command ("You just defined an unlimited dispenser" for example)

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions required.

    When I'd like it by: That's not very urgent.

    Thank you, and sorry for my bad language, I'm French :)
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    But you can only set 1 item per dispenser with this ?
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    Very good english i must say. I cant see 1 thing wrong at all.. If noone makes it, i reckon i could
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    Sarcasm ? :p
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    No really, your English is not too bad;p
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    Nope! Your english is better then 60% of people that speak it!
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    I would use this plugin if it were created, I am making a random monster spawning dispenser thingy and this would Help a lot. Hope Someone who can create this see's it!
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    you can set up to 3 items on a sign with 3 signs
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    This post just looks so neat! I just cant leave it but....

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