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    Plugin category: ADMIN / SEC

    Suggested name: ForceCHAT

    A bit about me: I'm a moderator on a server known as MyriadCraft.

    What I want: Due to the update of 1.3 allowing users to turn off text chat in SMP, we'd like a mod that forces users to show text chat, no matter their setting. Because we have a warning system in place that alerts us when people break glass, we need to make sure they know to warn BEFORE breaking glass.

    Ideas for commands: /forcechat << toggles forcing of chat.

    Ideas for permissions:


    When I'd like it by: Asap

    Similar plugin requests: None that I know of.
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    it is possible to turn off text chat? could you point me to the source of this please, I didn't see that coming :)

    anyways, people can always press F1 and hide the whole HUD interface and you would not be able to do anything about it because it's a client-side thing

    if I understand this correctly, you want people to be warned when they break glass (or actually before that happens)? well, you can always freeze a person in place - that should make it clear enough to them that something is happening and they would most probably turn their chat on to check it or to tell you they've been frozen
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    No, we want people to be able to break glass as per normal. We have block log, and it warns via server console and via mod chat when someone breaks glass. However, we want people to also follow instructions during server events, as well. It would be easier to force the chat to show when they don't press F1.

    Link: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history/Development_versions#Minecraft_1.3_Snapshots

    Mods don't have the ability to check the console though, and the owner is scarcely on (we have developers to deal with plugins as such.)

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