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    Plugin category: Anti-Griefer Tools​

    Suggested name: District, ProtectionX - More will come to mind soon​

    A bit about me: I'm an average Bukkit user, and a server owner. I'm really nice, and am really responsible. I finish the task at hand, and try to do my best to make it as 'perfect' as I could...I am not good with 'Coding' or Programming, but I can be a little over the top with descriptions/forum posting ;). I'm a really fun guy to hang out with and have many friends that respect me.​

    What I want: I'd like an easier way to protect land/areas for regular members without using WorldGuard (There aren't much 'Good', easy, protection plugins for members). I want to cultivate a 'Griefer-free' server to benefit my staff, my server members, and even me!​

    Ideas for commands:
    • /district - shows a list of commands to members who need to know how to protect their things
    • /ds - shows a list of commands to members who need to know how to protect their things; shortcut command
    • /district claim <size> <region> - (<region> = Name of claimed land) claims land, size could be limited using permissions
    • /district remove <region> - remove's existing region
    • /district list - lists all claimed regions
    • /district quota - shows how much quota you have left (Can be changed in config.yml), (quota meaning limited or fixed number)
    • /district setowner <region> <player> - adds another member to 'own' your region(s) (able to delete region, addmembers, delmembers, etc.)
    • /district addmember <region> <player> - adds member to region, can build destroy in selected region
    • /district delmember <region> <player> - deletes member of selected region
    • /district listmembers <region> - lists all members in selected region
    Ideas for permissions: I use PermissionsEx, so I would like it compatible with Pex.
    • district.admin - All commands, use for Admins/Mods
    • district.commands - allowed to use /district -or- /ds command
    • district.claim.* - All claim permissions
    • district.claim.quota.[Quota Name] - Sets a limit to user that has this permission (Can be changed in config.yml)
    • district.remove - allowed to use /district remove command
    • district.quota.[Quota Name] - allowed to use /district quota command
    • district.setowner - allowed to use /district setowner command
    • district.addmember - allowed to use /district addmember command
    • district.delmember - allowed to use /district delmember command
    • district.listmembers - allowed to use /district listmembers command
    When I'd like it by: I would say in less than 3 months...I have a lot of patience and will help as much as possible...I will also help test and record errors that appear.​

    Similar plugin requests: Not to Sure​

    Devs who might be interested in this: Not sure if Devs will be interested in this, but I would hope so!​

    What the configuration file would kind of look like (Just a suggestion):

    # +------------------------------------------------------+ #​
    # | Notes | #​
    # +------------------------------------------------------+ #​

    # If you receive an error when Destrict loads, ensure that:​
    # - No tabs are present: YAML only allows spaces​
    # - Indents are correct: YAML heirarchy is based entirely on indentation​
    # - You have "escaped" all apostrophes in your text: If you want to write "don't", for example, write "don''t" instead (note the doubled apostrophe)​
    # - List items are prefixed with a hyphen and indented:​
    # lists:​
    # - look like this​
    # not:​
    # - like this​
    # - Text with symbols is enclosed in single or double quotation marks​
    # - You have saved the document as UTF-8, NOT the default, ANSI​

    # NOTE: Quota is used by NxNxN (N=Number) Example: /ds claim 5 MyLand; it # would mean that the size would be: 5x5x5 = 125 quota​

    # This is the quota configuration section, you may add more groups than what is provided below:​
    # You may change the amount groups, but it MUST be the same value of how much groups​
    # you list​

    enabled: true​
    groups: 2​
    - Default​
    - VIP​

    maximum-quota: 1000​
    # optional, leave blank if not needed​
    maximum-regions: ' '​
    maximum-members: ' '​
    maximum-owners: ' '​
    #These are the fun, optional options​
    enable-fun-options: false​
    district-turned-off-when-offline: true​
    district-turned-on-when-online: true​
    maximum-quota: 100000​
    # optional, leave blank if not needed​
    maximum-regions: ' '​
    maximum-members: ' '​
    maximum-owners: ' '​
    enable-fun-options: false​
    district-turned-off-when-offline: true​
    district-turned-on-when-online: true

    Extra Information: This may be the only start of it, and I would like to have a plugin like this it would be SUPER USEFUL, and I think most people would think it as convenient, 'good', and easy to use. I will hopefully find someone who is willing to start this plugin with me. I will be doing the forums/BukkitDev but I will also give you full credit of whatever you will do. Please do not steal my ideas, as I will report you.​
    Thank you,​

    I really like this idea, and would like it to go on.​
    Cheers! :D

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    Thanks a lot for your response, but I think that my plugin idea would be a simplified version that people would like to use...I personally like to use, easy, and fast plugins that work to an admins/players needs...
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    This plugin exists, but only on one server as there plugin dev made it for them.
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    You mean Shadowraze?
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    Yes, and it works well.
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    I will try to develop something for this! It sounds pretty cool, and I believe it's worth a try! :)

    Oh, and sorry. It is way past 3 months. :rolleyes:
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    If you would not mind, could you keep me informed of your progress? This is a plugin I am most interested in.
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    Try Factions and set all factions to peaceful in the config file
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    Sure! I will keep you in on the progress! Once I get a somewhat stable build I will send it to you!
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    Uh guys, this is from March :D

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