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    EDIT: No one has taken this plugin offer up yet as of the 3rd of November

    Plugin category: factions

    Suggested name: Clans (idk :D)

    What I want: Ok Here are some Features that I would Like in the Plugin
    Note - I have Vault for economy intergration.

    - Clan Chat ( Type /C (msg) For clan Chat
    - Clan Leaders ( The Creator of the clan, Can Add players and make Clan Admins )
    - Clan Admins ( Can add new pe0ple to the Clan )
    - Friendly Fire togglable By Clan Leaders ( You can't Hurt players in your Clan )
    - Tp to Fellow Clan Members (needs to be accepted By the clann member tping to, NO /tphere! )
    - Costs X Amount to make ( Defined By Command)
    - Clan Top ( Top clan based on Points,Stored in a Flat File )
    - Clan List ( Lists all the clans, Stored in a Flat File )
    - Get X Clan Points For Killing a player (Defined Buy Command)
    - Lose X Clan Points For getting killed (Defined Buy Command)
    - Displays Clans kill and deaths ( /C, shows them )
    - Delete Clans (Only the Leader can Delete them)
    - Change leaders
    - When making a new clan, deleting a clan or changing the leader make then confirm it

    Ideas for commands:

    Player Commands:
    /C New (ClanName) - Permission - Clans.Clan.new
    /C AddAdmin (Player) - Permission - Clans.Clan.addadmin (only Leaders can)
    /C Add (Player) - Permission - Clans.Clan.addplayer ( only admins and Leaders can)
    /C kick (Player) - Permission - Clans.Clan.kickplayer (only admins and Leaders can)
    /C Toggle PvP - Permission - Clans.Clan.toggle.pvp (only Leaders can)
    /C Tp (Player) - Permission - Clans.Clan.tp
    /C Tpaccept - Permission - Clans.Clan.tpaccept
    /C (displays your clans stats) - Permission -Clans.Clan
    /C Top - Permission - Clans.Clan.top
    /C List - Permission - Clans.Clan.list
    /C delete - Permisson - Clan.Clan.delete (only Leaders can)
    /C Leader new (name) - Clans.leader.new (only Leaders can)

    Admin Commands:

    /C Admin SetClanPrice ($Price) - Permission - clans.admin.clanprice
    /C Admin SetKillPoints (Points) - Permission - clans.admin.killpoints
    /C Admin SetDeathPoints (Points) - Permission - clans.admin.deathpoints
    /C Admin Delete - Permission -clans.admin.delete, (Force deletes the clan)
    /C Admin leader (username) (clan)- Permission -clans.admin.leader (force changes the leader of the clan)
    /C Admin kick (username) (clan)- Permission -clans.admin.kick (force kicks a player from a clan)
    /C Admin add (username) (clan)- Permission -clans.admin.add (force adds a player to a clan)

    When I'd like it by: as soon as you can :D

    Please Don't tell me to go google x plugin as all clan/factions plugins require you to set a fations home and have a factions spawn ect

    Bump, I no its early but i gotta go out soon

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    Please anyone?
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    Off my pc at the moment but I'd like to make this happen skype me
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    I added you on skype

    bump, No one has started devoloping this yet

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    This looks like factions
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    All factions plugins require for you to set home
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    Woobie There you go. 2 in 1. Have fun
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    Bump. No one has taken the challenge yet :D.
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    Just use simple clans, basically the same thing. No need to rewrite something that's been made, that way everybody is happy.
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    Simple clans requires clans to set homes. It is also more of a factions/rpg plugin. I want this plugin to be more like clans in fps games Like Cod
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    I hope you know how to code then, because if a simple little thing like setting a clan home is preventing you from downloading this, i don't think many people will be interested in helping you.
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    Its not just that. SimpleClans and all the other factions/clans are based as a territorial things. also my server is going to be like a hungergames server, So yea not having to sethomes is essential.
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    Don't give them the permissions to sethome? That would work...
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    Bump D:

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    wow this is still alive? Didnt TheTrixsta claim this?
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    Hmm... Even though its a so-so easy to code plugin x.x I am currently working on 2 requests right now. When I'm done I'll take a look at it.
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    Awesome thanks, If anyone else would like to take up this plugin before Vandrake Finishes his current reqs They are welcome :D
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    SimpleClans does not require setting homes. You can just disable it by not giving permissions (as already suggested). Perhaps you can even disable it in the configuration file.

    SimpleClans can also be used without ' territorial things '. I run it on my server and I've disabled that in the configuration file.

    Basically, your plugin already exists. If you're too lazy to simply change two things (which is a matter of seconds).. how can you be patient enough to wait until someone finishes this plugin for you?

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