[FORMATTED] {CREATED!}Disable Flying In World Guard Regions. Rewarded.

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    Plugin is now private and will not be released.

    Plugin category: fun

    Suggested name: kcnofly

    A bit about me: hello im a server owner and i have a pvp arena and spleef and also a hungergames one too what ive noticed is players are flying around and cheating when admins/mods are not watching so i would like to request this plugin more details below.

    What I want:
    I would like a plugin that would disabled flying in world guard regions of witch you choose, i would like it to maybe work with no cheat++ because it fully stops flying even if they have the nocheat node, i would like to not allow them to fly in the region i have stated in the command, this would be real helpful and stop those cheaters.
    Ideas for commands: /nf (regionName) allow/deny - will set that world guard region to deny or allow flight but even if this command has not been done they can still fly in the region
    /nf reload - reloads the plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:
    nf.bypass.fly - allows this player to bypass no flying in regions that are no flight.

    When I'd like it by: When ever its done :D
    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Im willing to reward for this plugin , please add me on skype for more info and instant chat thanks alot. king. skype": kustomcraft
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    Fyi, no one is saying anything because they don't want to get in trouble since your offering money, in a chat, if they say 'pm' or skype or whatever that is when you take care of business.
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    Orcem12 Has bukkit changed thier rules? because last time money was allowed to be offerd :S, well anyway please add me on skype? kustomcraft. ?
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    It has been a rule for about 5 months.
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    Squirzy yer that was about last time i posted on here.
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    Plugin has been made :)
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    Glad I was able to help
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    Can you send me the plugin?
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    Sorry the plugin is not working, i am trying to get the dev to fix it.
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    Does this really work?
    And is it free?
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    Any news on this??
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    Sorry its be changed to a private plugin.
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    If your a survival server, in the player move event, If the allow fly is set to true set it to false when entering a worldguard region (easily checked by hooking into worldguard/regionmanager)

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