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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Doesn't matter.

    A bit about me: Who cares?

    What I want: Colored Playertags. I've seen it in a server but I can't find it.
    I would also like group support.
    Other than the original white player tag, lets say
    Rank1: f (color codes)
    Rank2: 2
    Rank3: 3
    NOTE: I am NOT talking about prefixes/suffixes, I'm talking about the actual physical in-game tag that is seen above a players head.

    Ideas for commands: None.

    Ideas for permissions: Hmmm, you think of some.

    When I'd like it by: January 21, 2012.

    Similar plugin requests: Don't think any.
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    Not possible from what I know? Maybe with Spout but besides that I am pretty sure this isn't possible.

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    Saw it on codename_b's Paintball Server.
    Maybe he can elaborate.
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    I've been told by a great many people that this is not possible. But from what your telling us, you've seen it without a custom launcher or client mods. If this is true, can you help us codename_B ?
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    It's possible, but changing it through a plugin would result in the skin rendering incorrectly due to the color character before the name.
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    Would it be possible by some stretch of imagination for player skins & colored nametags to coincide with one-another?
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    I think only if people are allowed to use the codes in their name...

    For example, if I made my name &anp98765, then set my skin to whatever I want....

    But Minecraft doesn't let you do that, does it? You can't register an account like that...
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    You can see it in action on my paintball server.
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    It is possible codename_b has it on his server there are 2 teams a red and a blue red have red names blue have blue names there is no editing to the player skins just a colored name tag go on his server if you wanna see it for your selves plus codename_b server isn't the only server with this i have seen other servers with it
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    If you've seen it on his server, why don't you directly ask him? Or have you already?
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    he hasnt nope
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    Well then, I would think that would be a good place to start? :)

    Maybe codename_B could help, or even develop, the plugin. Why wouldn't you ask the master? :p
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    Just to clear it up - colored name tags are possible YES.


    There's a few major issues with them.

    #1 any name based plugins eg. /tp name name WILL BREAK
    #2 any name based plugins eg. a permissions plugin WILL BREAK (got a custom bPermissions build for my server which strips out the ChatColor)
    #3 anything based on the player name WILL BREAK

    Other than that, it works a treat :)
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    Ill create this for ya ;) add me on skype at "thetrixsta."
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    Short answer: no.

    Long answer: impossible without a client mod to interpret the user names, at least stripping out chat colors.
    What happens:

    We wish to change the nameplate of a user "Joe" to "Peter", so we tell the client player "Peter" exists at 0,100,0 and "Joe" is no longer existing and should not be tracked.

    The client then accepts the packet for "Peter" and interprets it. It draws the player model at 0,100,0. The client then contacts the Mojang webservers for the skin for our "Peter" (http://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftSkins/Peter.png).

    We do the same for colors. We wish to change Joe's nameplate light red. We tell the client to create "§cJoe", and the same process occurs. http://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftSkins/§cJoe.png doesn't have a skin though, so Steve is drawn. Shame.
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    Much thanks good sir.
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    Would you be willing to share your custom bpermission?
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    You have the custom permissions?
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    Some time ago, me and xGhOsTkiLLeRx worked on this.
    After some weeks of work he got the code for this.

    It was a hard work, but as codename_B said, it is possible without clients mods - however it will break some stuff.
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    Can you post this as a plugin or give the download link?
    I would love to use this with my friends.

    Where is this download link? (Mainly for the permissions)
    Sorry to be rude :)

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    It has to be possible because mcctf.com uses that ColouredNameTags depending on what team your on
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    1) Look at the source code for snowballer 2) v10 made a semi version of this meaning you get the colored tag just no skin :/ His is called v10name he made it as a request on the forums i don't remember the link sorry
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    If you want to know how to do this then http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/tutorial-teams-name-color-and-wool-hats-asigned-to-player.80835/ and go to the
    private void applyTeam(Player p, String team){
    part ;)

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