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    Plugin category: MECH

    Suggested name: ChestStock

    A bit about me: I rent a small server and I'm sick of going through chest after chest to find what I want

    What I want:

    My idea is to be able to check what chests have in them in a "network"
    a "network" can have unlimited chests in(and possibly certain chests hold certain items)

    Possibly protection support (LWC) and maybe even MySQL support?

    Ideas for commands:
    you can set the network you are working with (eg. /cheststock activenetwork {network})
    to check stock you either use a command (eg. /checkstock {item name or id})
    to retrieve items you could have a command and click on a chest (eg. /getstock {item name or id} {amount})
    and you can retrieve them into a chest below a sign:
    {Optional item here}

    If no item was specified the user could type in either by a command or with a spout GUI

    Ideas for permissions:
    ChestStock.network.create - create a network
    ChestStock.network.delete.own - delete own networks
    ChestStock.network.delete.others - delete other people's networks
    ChestStock.network.setactive.own - Set your active nework to one of your networks
    ChestStock.network.setactive.others - Set your active nework to someone else's networks
    ChestStock.checkstock.own - Check own networks stock
    ChestStock.checkstock.own.sign - The same as above but using a sign
    ChestStock.checkstock.others - Check stock in networks owned by other people
    ChestStock.checkstock.others.sign - The same as above but using a sign
    ChestStock.getstock.own - Get stock from your own network
    ChestStock.getstock.own.sign - Same as above but with a sign
    ChestStock.getstock.others - Get stock from other's networks
    ChestStock.getstock.others.sign - Same as above but with a sign
    ChestStock.Spoutgui - Allow players to use a spout gui (access to options based on other permissions)
    ChestStock.reload - Ability to reload the config (if config file is made)

    Willing to pay up to: about 2 GBP (I'm pretty broke at the moment)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible (Preferably asap)
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    This is quite confusing, some more details would help, and 2 GBP isn't going to get this, even more basic plugins go for aroudn $15 (~8-10 GBP)
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    It's just where you can see what's in a bunch of chests and takes stuff out of them too
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    what you want? a chest sorting netwrok? Put it in one it puts in correct chests?

    think that exists
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    It would be nice to have that functionality built in but the main thing I want is the ability to remotely check what predefined chests have in them and get stuff from them
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    not sure i understand? you want to remotly get things from chests?
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    Yes, for instance I have a big building of chests, I could check how much stuff they have in them and retrieve items from my house
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    So you want a chest scanner? The idea is super simple but in code this would be a nightmare. First you would need to parse all the chests within your command. To parse the chests you need to give them a name and location. This would be done by placing a " Preprogrammed " sign on the chest.

    After doing the basics you must gather each and every item in the chest. This would be exspcially difficult when players combine items together. So if a chest contains iron or wood or etc then it would be simple to get it.

    return -
    if chest name exceeds 1 then create simple message

    Example -
    Chest bacon at 86 , 34 , 100 contains iron!


    Chest bacon,hotpocket,earl contain wood!

    I have many ideas for this plugin already lol. I could add a TP system and a admin griefing check. check for potentially stolen items.

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    My server has LWC installed so that isn't a needs feature for me too much
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    ah ok. ill still finish it up for others to use though lol. i was in the testing phase :p

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