[FORMATTED] Chat in seperate worlds doesn't show up

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    Plugin Category: Chat Tools

    Suggested Name: SeparatedWorldsChat

    A Bit About Me: I run a minecraft server that has about 60 players, with multiple worlds and a few private worlds where people don't want to see general chat

    What I want: A plugin that separates the chat in every world into its own "channel" with a config where I can set groups of worlds together so that they can see each other. The config should allow for setting up of multiple groups so I can set group 1 as world1 world1_nether and world1_the_end so that all of those 3 worlds see each other's chat, but not world2 chat, and group2 for world2, world2_nether, and world2_the_end.

    Ideas for Commands: none, config-file based

    Ideas for Permissions: a permission to overrule the plugin so a player with the permission can see the chat from EVERY world, not just the group their world is in

    When I'd like it: ASAP, as I have a private world for my brother and his wife (newbies to mineraft) and I want to keep them separate from the rest of my server, so they don't have to see all of our chat.
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    I'll get this done in a few minutes :3

    If you want them to have a prefix i can set it to have support with that.
    Right now it will display:
    <Player> chat
    No chat formatting.

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    And it creates the config file so I can make it so world, world_nether and world_the_end group together but separately from world2?

    nevermind, downloaded instaleld edited, current config:

    # world1 will not see world2 chat. world1 will see chats of all worlds that are false
    # Set to false for them to only see their own chat.
      2068303253: true
      2068303253_nether: true
      2068303253_the_end: true
      SUPAFLAT: true
      MINING: true
      Tyler: false
    This will make it so everything except Tyler sees everything, but Tyler will only see Tyler?

    Looks like it does something at least ,as it is overriding Multiverse's...

    -as someone else logs in to my server making this testable-

    Looks like I need to flip all the trues and falses. Interesting though, on any world with a false, all Multiverse formatting is expunged, however on worlds with a true it stays.

    EDIT: And it re-creates world1 and world2 no matter what just FYI. Not sure if it also changes their true/false value (if so I hope nobody actually has worldnames of world1 and world2 that wants to use this)

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    I'll get that fixed :)
    Edit: So everything is working well for you?
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    Whouw ThatBox i was also working on this plugin already. But it seems like you did a good job!
    Too late.
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    ThatBox if you are able to stop it from overriding MultiVerse prefixes, I would LOVE it, but other than that it works fine.
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    I will do it :D But you would need Vault.
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    ThatBox What is Vault? What else does Vault do? Is Vault easy to set up?

    (and I think I was wrong about needing to change the true and false's. In which case the current jar I have works fine.

    I think anything with false can't see each other but CAN see true, and true can see everything? If that is true it is close to how I Was hoping but I want it so that, everything with A can see each other (and possibly can see B, this doesn't matter much to me) but everything with B can see nothing else, A or B

    Basically to stick it in a nut shell, I am trying to 100% isolate world Tyler from everything else in the game, so that my brother and sister in law don't have to deal with anything.

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    Set them to false. False only allows them to see each other. True allows them to see every world.
    EDIT: Vault is an API. It allows me to hook into your chat formatting. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/vault
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    ThatBox So set Tyler to False to only see Tyler and everything else to True to see everything, including Tyler?

    So true basically ignores this plugin (and leaves the MultiVerse prefixing), and False enables that world's chat to be cycled through your program, and therefore strips any other chat formatting? If so that is fine, as the more vanilla Tyler is the better. (Sister-in-law is not as computer-dork as we are)
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    Haha yes you got it :)
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    oh so then I had it set up right originally I just didn't realize it. M'kay Thanks for this! Does exactly what I want it to, eliminate useless chat from a single world so players in that world stay isolated from the server!
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    Does this still work?
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Try it.
    I can't think of too many reasons for it to be broken right now.
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    Its broken lol...

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