[Formated] Weapon Enhancements [Small]

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    Plugin category: pvp

    Suggested name: WeaponEnhancements
    All the features Have been done except Reload Function, Source code is available to a developer who can add the feature to the plugin (Previous dev needed has became busy)

    Reload Function: After firing 16 arrows with the shotgun bow it displays a message in chat '&4Reloading Weapon' When the message is displayed you can not fire intill it says '$4Reloading Complete'. If you change the weapon you were on while reaload it cancels the reload and displays '&4Reload Canceled'. You must then change to that weapon again and it will start reloading again.
    These are the "clip" sizes.
    Shotgun bow: 16 arrows 2 seconds to reload
    Machinegun bow: 64 arrows 1.5 seconds to reload.
    Sniper bow: 7 arrows 3 second to reload.

    Shotgun Bow: When enchanted with Punch I 3-5 arrows are shot. The normal effects of Punch I stays on.

    Machine Gun Bow: When enchanted with Infinity I. when right click is held down rapidly fire arrows at with at .1 of second gap between each. The normal effects of Infinity I is taken of( not unlimited arrows)

    Sniper Bow: When enchanted with Power I. The arrow (if bow was fully pulled back) will stay straight and not fall. Normal Power I effects stay on

    Grenade: when you right click with a enderpearl it throws it and where it lands a explosion the size of creeper explosion happens( No block damage Just mob and player damage) Also you do not get tped when you right click with enderpearl.

    Molotov cock tail: When you throw a Snow ball a 3x3 area around it lights on fire for 10 seconds

    Ideas for commands: None

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: Your coding it you decide :)

    Sorry, Early Bump by 1 hour

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    How can people differentiate between the types of bow?
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    Maybe, u could rename them. ;)
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    Oh yeah! I keep forgetting about that feature :D
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    The different bows types stick to the different enchantments :)

    like Power I is sniperbow, But I will also probs change the name
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    I Only need the "reload function" added

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    noone :/
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    Also, for renaming, I would suggest using color codes when it renames them, so that way you can differentiate between a plugin made one, and a fake, player made one (players can't put in color codes in an anvil, but plugins can :p )
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    Is this even possible? Without a program like NBTedit, etc.
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    Thanks for the advise, but the server I plan for this to go on is gonna be like a adventure mode server sorta thing (no anvils).

    Rember Guys I just need a reload function added :D
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