For how much could I rent out these servers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by sukosevato, Jan 25, 2013.

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    So i'm planning to rent the following in a Datacenter:

    14U private rackspace
    2x 1 gigabit uplink
    100 TB bandwidth / month
    Location: Netherlands

    I'll be placing the following servers in it:
    - 1u server with Pfsense that will function as Router / Firewall / monitoring / vpn server / ids & ips.
    - 4u server with OmniOS or FreeBSD (undecided yet), which will be my storage server. Currently 6x 3T & 3 x 1T hdd's in there on Virtual machine as file server, but going to change that to a dedicated bare metal storage server.
    - 2u server with 32 gb ram / some version of linux that'll run KVM to virtualize a lot of servers. This one will run anything, Nagios monitoring / game servers / webserver and what ever I need it to do.

    This leaves me with 7u of storage space and more than enough bandwidth. Since my own stuff won't even get close to needing that amount of bandwidth, maybe 5-10 terabyte a month.

    So I was thinking of buying a few 1u / 2u servers with a nice quad core and 32 gb ram in it. And renting them out for minecraft servers.

    What could I charge for a server with the following specifications:

    -on 2x 1 gigabit uplink
    -May use all bandwidth they realistically need, since I'll have plenty. Say 10 Terabyte a month on average. But if there is a peak to 25 terabyte, no problem.
    -behind very powerful firewall / very good QoS.
    -can be added in Nagios for monitoring
    -32 gb memory
    -i5 3570k or xeon e3-1230
    -SSD or HDD, doesn't matter.
    -Possibility to back up entire server to storage server.

    In case of DDoS, I have the possibility to get connected to 2x 10 gigabit uplinks. For about the same price. But i'd have to buy a rather expensive 10 gigabit hardware card for my firewall / router server that'd be filtering out the DDoS traffic. So only if that'd be a frequent issue, it'd be worth it. Still the same 100 TB cap. Only if at times it bursts above 1 gigabit that'd be something to think about. Would be a nice challenge.

    I'm not looking to rent out a bunch of small servers, since that'd be too much effort. I just want a few big servers. For say 100 - 150 euro / month each. To run next to my stuff.

    For those wondering, this is not a company or anything. I'm just an individual that has some rack space left and that can host 3-5 servers like that. I ran my own minecraft server (+- 20/25 users online at the same time) for about a year, quite a while ago. But I got bored with the minecraft aspect of it. Still love the hosting / networking side of it though. I'm a computer science student and I've worked in IT on the side for about 1,5 year.

    So what do you guys think, would it be feasible / easy to find some people to rent such a server for say 100-150 euro a month?
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