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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Rungario, Apr 8, 2012.

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    For $700 a month, what's the best dedicated server that I can get?

    I'm currently running an i7 2700k at 4.5ghz, 32 gigs of ram, 64 gig SSD, and a 1gbit port speed.

    Apparently the specs above are not enough to host 400 players without lag.
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    i would not know myself but could you not build your own machine for that amount of money on hand? and bring the machine to a local busniess that would hook it up to there oc3 or better pipe?

    i live in a small town under 2000 people and i know 3 places that offered at no cost to hook my machine to there pipe

    Edit: im under assumption that the specs you are talking about is hosting place machine
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    The specs listed above are from a custom machine, and I'm getting tired of managing them so I'd just like a dedicated server somewhere with preferrably better specs.
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    Regarding Kieron's post above, Datashack is the only United States host he posted. Since your budget is $700.00 monthly, I'll post the best deal for Datashack.

    Intel I7 3930K @ 3.8 Ghz Turbo Boost x6 Core
    Four 128GB SSD RAID (512GB SSD)
    64 GB RAM
    10 TB Bandwidth @ 100mbps
    $669.00 / month
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    You need to contact sales at a data center and see if they can special order a machine for you. Or for $1500-$2k I am sure you could build the node yourself.
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    How does the performance of an 3930 hold up to a 2700k OCed to 4.5 ghz per core?
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    No 1 can really answer that for you unless they have had both systems and tested it. Which seems rare to me..
    3930 @ 3.2ghz is 13,600
    2700k @ 3.5ghz is 9,400
    1ghz is around 30% of 3.5ghz. So theoretically speaking, you would have a 30% faster processor. 9,400 x 1.3 = 12,220.

    So a 3930 still seems better. And if you OC that your looking at another 2-4K passmark score.

    With the high number servers, its not only just CPU, you have a SSD but are you using a RAM disk? Also you need to do as much optimization as possible. Certain plugins simply cannot be used with large players. Turning off 1 bad plugin can change everything from night to day.

    You are vague on what the problems are. TPS lag? block lag? General internet lag? Just console spam?

    edit >
    another huge suggestion that everyone misses.
    MySQL. You no doubt have some plugins running off MySQL. Although you're Databases are not large so the query times are low, but Minecraft plugins generate a lot of query's.

    Get another box from you're provider, nothing fancy just a Dual Core with a GB or 2 of RAM. Have them setup a private VLAN. Run it as a dedicated SQL/Apache box. I'v never done this but I can easily see it improve performance. If you talk to you're datacenter I am sure you can rent 1 for a week, cheaply, for testing.
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    You're not gonna get a faster server then what you already have.

    Switching to a 6 core won't help you since bukkit isn't multi threaded. You won't notice a performance gain.
    a very high clocked 4 core is more then enough. And if you run against cpu limits with that then its most likely gonna be a couple of cores running at 100% but not all 4.

    32 GB ram should be enough as well. The only advantage of the rig MikeAmbrose suggested could be the 64 GB ram so you can run everything of a ram disk. But that's about it.

    I'd stay with your current rig, and if you do want a managed solution then i'd go for something similar to what you already have. Unless you see your CPU topping at 100% on all cores, then it could be beneficial. But i highly doubt that.
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    My god man, buy the computer and get a collocation! assuming you buy the 2U for 2-4K you can mount that in a collocation for less than 200 a month based on how much data transfer you need. You would pay off the difference in just a few months.
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    You should own your own hardware.

    Basically, it's virtually impossible to have the same 'game' and have 400+ players on one server.
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    Nathan C

    Nothing will host a single 400 slot server without lag.

    Come back in about 2-3 years. By then we will have more powerful processors and multi-threading.

    See you in 2 years!
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    Legendary craft does it pretty well. With all the plugins disabled we went all the way up to 460 players before we started noticing lag. Right now I disabled all MySQL queries on all the plugins which helped slightly. I also installed craftbukkit++ and replaced Precious Stones with Protection Stones, but the server was still lagging at around 300 players.

    The machine we have right is a CUSTOM machine, except apparently I'm not skilled to enough to manage it and not skilled enough to optimize everything so that we can host a lot of players.

    Here is my list of plugins,
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    I went to legendary craft when 150 people on and it was lag city and cant say it was my comp or internet i was running a 64 i5 3400 16 ram comp with a paid 60 down and 12 up
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    If it happened when only 150 people were online then that means you did it before they got their new servers.

    I already explained that I currently have custom hardware and I'm only looking for dedicated servers.

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    Why don't you just colocate your custom machine? It will probably be less then using their hardware and you can also have the datacenter manage it for you.

    EDIT: oops, shouldnt have waited 20 minutes to reply xD
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    I guess I missed that bit too. :p
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    Daniel Heppner

    Isn't the 2700k the Ivy Bridge? o-o
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    Nathan C

    Ok, praise the Minecraft gods, I found something that could hold 400 players!

    OH and you better buy it quick, because it comes with 4 FREE 4 GB Micro SDHC flash cards!


    Product Description
    Total Price
    SUPERMICRO SYS-6027R-TRF 2U Server Barebone Dual LGA 2011 DDR3 1600
    Item #: N82E16816101676
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
    Adaptec RAID 51645 2258500-R SATA/SAS 20-port (16 internal,4 external) w/512MB cache memory Controller Card, Kit
    Item #: N82E16816103217
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy -$116.00 Instant
    Wintec 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) ECC Registered Server Memory Model 3RSH13339R5H-32GQ
    Item #: N82E16820161458
    Return Policy: Memory Standard Return Policy
    ($349.99 each)
    Wintec FileMate 4GB Micro SDHC Flash Card with SD Adapter Model 3FMUSD4GB-R
    Item #: N82E16820161359
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy -$4.99 Saving
    ($0.00 each)
    OCZ Vertex 4 VTX4-25SAT3-128G 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
    Item #: N82E16820227791
    Return Policy: Limited Replacement Only Return Policy
    ($179.99 each)
    Intel Xeon E5-2690 Sandy Bridge-EP 2.9GHz LGA 2011 135W 8-Core Server Processor BX80621E52690
    Item #: N82E16819117261
    Return Policy: CPU Replacement Only Return Policy
    Protect Your Investment (expand for options)
    ($2,039.99 each)
    Calculate ShippingZip Code Update Method FedEx Guaranteed 3 DayAPO/FPO-Military ONLYFedEx International Economy-PR ONLYUPS Guaranteed 3 DayNewegg 2 DayNewegg Next Day [​IMG]
    FREE 2-Day Shipping learn more
    Shipping: $0.00
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    Build something with a 3960X and water cooling (OC'd of course), stick in 64GB RAM and some SSDs, then colocate it with a gigabit line (I hear that Datashack and FDC are good).
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    He's asking for a dedicated server, not colocation. He wants to rent it.
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    Datashack's 3930k then.
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    Wow! some people are just too dedicated to this videogame...
  24. No... You can make loads from running a server
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    I was just kidding... I know that...
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    Says the one trying to pirate XenForo.
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    -_- get over that, I did not
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    Why do people keep telling other people that you need like 64 gigs of ram for a server. You really only need around 16, increasing it to 32gb slightly reduces CPU load, but after 32 gigs of ram there won't be a performance impact at all.
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    The post with the server from datashack with 64GB RAM was just a suggestion. Yes, you only need like 16GB.
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