Food issues.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Hugo mass, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Hugo mass

    Hello, I'm currently running a server with bukkit build 1185, and i have some food issues, like when I eat a melon, I get 5 hungry points( melons give 1 point) . I have disabled all the plugins, and the problem is still there. I'm running my server through a server provider (nitroserv) and they have 2 plugins that I can't remove (minequery and mapmarkers) so I would like to know if the issue is linked to these plugins or if it is a bukkit bug (anyone had it?). Thanks.
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    I'm having this same issue, also when starved hearts go down to 5 and stops, and cave spiders don't poison
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    I am also having this issue. Very curious.
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    Got fixed in #1188.
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    Hugo mass

    Mhh ok thanks
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