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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Hqes, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Hi family ! i am hqes
    guys ı have a big problem
    ı research on internet about

    "Flying Following Blocks"
    bu ı didn't find anything :(
    Anyone can help me please ?
  2. @Hqes We can't help with no code, no error or any other information. Please explain your issue in full providing code and any error messages.
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    :) nice answer hmm... ı don't have code ı search example :)
    if i write this command "/blockcome"
    1 blocks turn around my head
  4. What do you mean by "1 blocks turn around my head"?
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    I do believe he wants to achieve something like a TF2 unusual hat effect, aka a particle (or block in this case) floats above his head and follows him wherever he goes.
  6. Ah, I understand. I don't know what the best approach for this is.. Falling sand? Or perhaps armour stands?
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    You should use armour stands for this.
    1. Create an armourstand
    2. Make it invisable
    3. Add a block for the helmet. This will create a floating block.
    4. Add the "noGravity" metadata tag. This will allow it to float.
    5. Create a repeating task to teleport the armourstand to the players location every tick. This will make it act like it is following the player.
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