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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by AfterArts, Dec 13, 2015.

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    Hello! I'm in need of a plugin like this for my upcoming factions server, and I thought it would be a good addition:

    Plugin category: General

    Suggested name: LimitedFly

    What I want: A plugin that only allowed players to fly a certain amount of blocks off the ground. I'd need 5 different groups, which would be "Donator, VIP, Nova, Legend, God, Titan"
    This plugin would only allow these groups to fly a certain amount of blocks off the ground, and this is what I had in mind...
    Donator: 10 blocks
    VIP: 25 blocks
    Legend: 50 blocks
    God: 100 blocks
    Titan: 150 blocks

    Ideas for commands: /fly

    Ideas for permissions: limitedfly.donator, limitedfly.nova limitedfly.legend limitedfly.god limitedfly.titan limitedfly.admin (unlimited blocks)

    When I'd like it by: Anytime you can get it done is perfect, thanks again for reading! :)
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    I can work on this. :)
    Should the player's fly mode just be disabled when they reach their limit or should they be teleported downwards?
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    No problem!
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    @AfterArts Just out of curiosity, is this going to be used on a survival server?
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    Does this mean from the level they type /fly at or the natural ground? What happens when they type /fly above the limit of their permission?
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    It's always relative to the ground below them.

    So if you write /fly above your limit it will teleport you to y = ((get closest block to the ground + limit) - the players height (2 blocks)).


    Your limit: 30 blocks
    Ground y: 125
    Teleport y: (125+30) - 2 = 153

    Player get teleported to 153 if above limit when typing /fly.
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    No, my new factions server.
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    @AfterArts But, a server where flying directly affects gameplay?
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    So technically if you place a block in mid air, then jump off it and type /fly while falling under someones faction base you would be teleported into their base? (If you worked it out properly what height you would be at etc)
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    That is true, will take you some good time to achieve it though.

    I'm thinking of how you would be able to avoid that without the need of hooking into Factions?
    Whatever value I put there (teleport), there will always be a possibility that something like this would happen.

    You got any ideas to avoid that in the simplest manner?

    You could always make a smooth transition by letting them fall when they are above the limit and then once they do get below it you would activate fly again, hmm.
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    I have some problems with the permission. Even with OP or "limitedfly.admin" players can only fly 10 blocks into the air. If it's not too much trouble can you make the different groups?
    Legend = 30 blocks (limitedfly.legend)
    God = 50 blocks (limitedfly.god)
    Titan = 75 blocks (limitedfly.titan)
    limitedfly.admin = unlimited blocks
    And it would be awesome if the denied flying message was in &a instead of &f. If you can do this, thanks so much again! :)
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    I'll fix that tomorrow.
    While you wait, add the permission "limitedfly.titan", that should be sufficient for now.
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    You could just put them on the ground OR teleport them to the nearest block above them that is within their groups limit. I know world edit knows blocks above with /up so this is possible. The first option a lot simpler but the second a lot better but more complicated.
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    Updated, should work now


    /fly -
    /fly reload - limitfly.reload

    All groups are now configurable in the config.yml
    limitfly.admin (unlimited)

    All messages are also configurable in the config.yml

    Make sure that you both have and one of the groups perms in order to be able to fly.
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    @AfterArts I would just like to warn you that having a server feature where people can pay to have an advantage gameplay-wise violates Mojang's EULA, as you can see under the Servers and Hosting section.
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