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    Plugin category: Fly

    Suggested name: FlyLimit

    What I want: I would like a plugin that allows the player to fly, but only for so long at a time (i.e. they can fly for, say, 10 seconds, and then they have to land and wait, say 3 seconds, and then they can fly again). If possible, fly time is shown in some way (side bar, like in mcMMO, or something. NOT experience bar.)

    Ideas for commands: /fl - Help (defaults to OP)
    /fl on - enables flying (defaults to OP)
    /fl off - disables flying (defaults to OP)
    /fl area [time] - Sets an area where a player can fly. if time is not defined, it defaults to infinite. (uses WorldEdit) (defaults to OP)
    /fl all - Sets a world to where you can fly anywhere. (defaults to OP)
    /fl inf [player] - Sets target player (defaults to user) to be able to fly indefinitely. (defaults to OP)
    /fl off [player] - Disables target player's fly to disabled. (defaults to OP)
    /fl on [player] - Counterpart to /fl off [player] (defaults to OP)
    /fl perm {permission} - checks to see if a player has specified permission. (defaults to OP)
    /fl set {flytimer} {walktimer} [player] - Players are only allowed to fly for [flytimer], and then they can't fly for [walktimer]. If [player] is specified,then it only affects said player.

    Ideas for permissions: FlyLimit.* - enables all commands - defaults to OP
    FlyLimit.[command] - gives player specified command.
    FlyLimit.allow - allows a player to fly.
    FlyLimit.deny - Disallows player to fly.
    FlyLimit.bypass.disable - Allows player to fly when fly is disabled.[time] - Player can only fly for set period of time.
    FlyLimit.timer.walk[time] - Player cannot fly for set period of time after expending all fly time.
    FlyLimit.timer.bypass - Allows player to fly indefinitely.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible.
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    Would this also set FlyLimit for different groups? I can't code, just something to consider.
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    I don't understand. I think that, depending on the perms plugin you use, you can set only a player to have specified permission. I could also see it working for groups. I need to check bPermissions to see if player specific perms work, but if it doesn't, oh well. I plan on getting rid of bPermissions soon anyway, if they can't fix my problem by then.
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    If it helps anyone who reads this, I am learning Java, so that I can code plugins!

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