Fly, God, with eco[vault] and timer, BIG NEED

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    Fly, God, with eco[vault] and timer, BIG NEED

    I know theres a lot of fly and godmode plugins,

    But im in big need of a plugin in which,:

    1. My users can buy fly/god for them selfs,
    2. Timer on this, like "U just bought Godmode 1Day/Week/Month" and after the given time it should turn off itself.
    3. Config where i can change the Price for buying
    4. No permissions, everyone shuld be able to buy if [can afford]
    5. Working with signs [Optional] as long as commands are working.

    Really tired of giving my users fly/God on and off and writing on a sign for how long they have it,
    Takes a lot of time for me and my admins to help others if they have questions.

    Posted a pic so you can see how busy i am with these damn buy god/fly.. everyone wants it.. Plzz help someone
    javaw 2012-04-30 00-00-22-16.jpg


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    this would be great, I would love the have such a plugin.

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