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    Hey guys, there used to be a plugin called Real Fluids, which then turned into Fluid Flow. What this plugin did was simulate water/lava a bit more realisticly. However production has been halted...I would love to see another plugin like this!

    For those who want an example video:

    I really enjoyed it and it gave Minecraft that extra game mechanic that was so awesome. Water was no longer just 'annoying' it could drown you in a cave if you wern't careful-but it was also easy to drain water using pipes and the like. Lava was also a lot more fun and scary as well!

    If anyone could pick this up, that would be AWESOME!!! I would be willing to donate for this plugin!!!!
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    Just a little bump...
    How hard would you guys think this would be? I know absolutely nothing about Java scripting ><
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    Well, I'm currently working on a couple different plugins. But this looks pretty much put together. I found the source, so, I'm going to see if I can get it updated...
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    That would be amazing!! I wonder with Spout if it was possible to show the different water levels instead of a full water block? Like in the SP mod (Can't remember what it's called). Anywho, if you get around to it that'd be so awesome haha
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    Please no spout!
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    Spout would most likely be optional IF it did include it. I just heard it was impossible to get different water levels without somekind of modding or another. But yes, if Spout wasn't needed that'd be epic for sure
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    Any certain reason why?
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    I know it's been awhile, just wondering if there's any updates?
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    Let me know if you get this plugin revived please..
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    hi, i think is posible have diferent water levels without spout, see the dev plugin "Flow", it have an option to change water levels and i found this other plugin to control water "fluid flow" in the page sai this plugin can create flowing blocks other than lava and water ;)

    ans spout is bad, if i want mods in my server i can use bukkitforge and buildcraft or thaumcraft, so please dont make a spout plugin

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