Flowers, Pumpkins, Mushrooms, and Mossy Cobblestone Spread/Grow On Their Own.

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    A great plugin would be if things in the wild would automatically grow by themselves with one already present. In addition being configurable would be a plus though not necesarry.
    Best way I can think of this would be to take a pumpkin for example.
    And every 'X' seconds it has a 'Y' chance of reproducing one next to it on applicable terrain.

    X is how often the game checks for reproducing the pumpkins which would be configurable by the host.
    Y is a number out of 100% chance that the pumpkin would produce.
    So every 30 seconds a pumkin has a 35% chance of reproducing next to an adjacent one.

    For large patches for example if there are 7 pumkins all touching each other the check is only for the whole patch. So only 1 pumpkin would have a chance of being produced not 7 more. This would help prevent lag.

    The same example above would also apply to flowers, and muchrooms, and mossy cobblestone.

    An added bonus would be if you could force them to reproduce with bonemeal, preferably again they have a chance where that 'Y' in the above example would be for bonemeal uses too. However, this last part isn't whats entirely important, it would just be a nice touch.

    *Permission too if you could for something like that.

    Thankyou, and tell me what you think!
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    What do you mean by permissions, plants only grow around someone with the permission?
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    I can imagine it would be rough on a server to do this. To check every loaded block, to see if it has an applicable item.

    I have however, the code for randomly growing flowers...but it runs off onChunkLoad so if you have very busy areas, you get a very large amount of flowers.

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