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    In light of the new update we need a plugin to slowly over time regrow flowers already i foresee this being a problem on my server and the end result will be players stretching the map just to find flowers.

    I don't want that to happen so why not make a system that will allow players to grow flowers. Here is my idea for growing them.

    The growing space.
    The growing space would be defined like a cuboid would 2 points but only 1 block high this would set the Ground in the space as "Growing blocks"

    Field Prep.
    After the space is set the player would be propmted to use a hoe to make all the squared in to tiled dirt. (Plugin would wait for this to be done and trigger next step only when all squares are done.)

    after the above step is done the plugin would force all blocks to stay as that block (meaning players can walk on it) (im not sure what to get the user to place on each square maybe just a tree seed or a wheat seed.) any way user plants some thing on each square.

    Growing time.
    this should take 2 day/night cycles at witch time the plugin forces all blocks in the growing space to grass and puts a 50/50 mix of flowers on top. (or the flower type could be set when you set the growing space.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my very detailed idea for a cool plugin.

    name free to change its a bit gay.

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    Yea. I plan on making some sort of flower growing plugin. The way I was thinking of doing it was a little different, let me know what you think

    You would build a flower pen by placing grass/dirt and surrounding that with another material.
    If you plant a flower and right click it with a hoe, it becomes a "seeded flower", and being to spread around that enclosed area (or outwards if you didn't enclose it). Flowers could die of overcrowding or of old age. It seems like a simple and semi-realistic way of growing flowers.
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    Could work but the way i was doing it would make sure its containd to where the user wants it (avoids unwanted flowers) also the user could set it up like real flower beds around the house not not have it look messy no offense.

    you could always cut out a lot of realism by doing it your way the way i said makes them work to earn them and costs them some items/blocks so they are not just getting free easy flowers. (would be bad that way for servers with iconomy that also allow the selling of flowers (easy cash gen))

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