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    Hi I have an idea that would create a whole new element of danger in minecraft. Flash floods. When it is raining outside every 30sec starting at the lowest area that has an opening to the sky any area with an id of zero (air) will be filled with a water block. After that area is filled with the 2 lowest level will be filled in another 15sec and so on and so forth. If you are in a home with a door and roof you it will not get flooded. Once the rain stops every 10sec the water will deplete one at a time to its original state. This will add a ton of danger when mining in a deep cave w/o a roof!

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    That sounds awesome... but I think it would have some high CPU usage and such when it went off. not to mention then I would just want to place doors at the entrance to my caves/mines XP
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    Then we can have the option to enable flash floods and do disable every now and then. Also can only cause flash floods in a 30 degree radius thus reducing cpu usage


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