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    Hey Guys! Mac Here!

    Is there a plugin that someone could either make or point me to that generates a world that has void all around it except for a floating island… I'd use this for my server hub/mini-games spawns...

    Name: Floating Island World

    /fiw create [Name] [Block]
    /fiw delete [Name]


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    Just find a schematic of a floating island and paste it into a blank world. Use CleanRoom generator to make a blank world.
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    Would there be an easier way to do it?? bossomeness
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    That's the easiest way you could do it.
    Just do /mv create hub normal -g Cleanroom:.
    Everything in bold is what you type to create the blank world.

    Then, search "floating island schematic" or "sky island schematic" in Google. Find one that you like, and paste it in with WorldEdit.
    It's that easy.

    You can then do whatever with the world, but make sure you set the world to generate new chunks with the Cleanroom Generator. So if you have your main world set to this world, add this into your bukkit.yml.
        generator: Cleanroom:.
    You might also want to change the name of the main world in the server.properties from world to hub.

    Hope this helps!
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    How can I make it so that people every time they join go back to the hub?
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