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    I believe that's the name of this plugin from hMod. I really liked it. I don't think the "BedrockInsurance" part - the part that makes sure there are no void-holes in the bedrock - is necessary any longer. Notch seems to have made sure that the last layer IS always bedrock.

    But. "FlatEarth" is an awesome bit that changes all bedrock above the bottom-most layer of the world to smooth stone. So basically you get 5 more layers to build in, because bedrock isn't confounding your efforts to build in the basement. As it is, as soon as you start seeing that first layer of bedrock, you say "well, that's the floor" and give up mining past it for your building.

    The way this mod worked (as far as I understand) is, in real-time, it would check for and replace bedrock blocks that were in undesirable places, as the chunks loaded. So the terrain generator didn't need any changes made to it and the mod's operation was invisible - by the time the players saw the bedrock, it had long since been changed by the mod.

    Is this portable to Bukkit in Bukkit's current state? Can I beg someone to? ;)
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    Seconded :D
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