Flappy Birds Multiplayer Edition

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    I was wondering if someone could make a plugin for me, It would be like this

    Join Sign

    [Join] <-- If full it says [Full] if Ingame it says [INGame]
    FBME1 <-- 1 is saying what number the arena is (Set in Config)
    0/8 <-- Player number

    The commands
    /fbme reload - Reloads the Plugin
    /fbme join [arena]
    /fbme forcerestart [arena]
    /fbme enable
    /fbme disable
    /fbme config - Edit in game

    This plugin is like the map 'Flappy Birds' but there are 4 players racing to get to 25, If you fall then you go back to the start.

    Config & Permissions
    fbme.playerinarena - Edit number here
    And all other Command permissions

    Thank you if you make this,
  2. RWLU You need to explain more. You just said you want a plugin that has join signs and commands that do nothing. Some people also may not know what Flappy Bird is.
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