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    A bit about me:
    I am an admin of a server that likes to make an interactive experience for the players, and are heavily into red-stone/device creation.

    Category: Fixes

    Suggested name: Sign-Updater

    What I want:
    My server heavily depends on plugins that utilize signs for carrying out commands, altering red-stone etc. The problem is, when they are world-edited the text is maintained, but the plugins don't see this as one of 'their' signs. I would like a plugin that can update signs when they are created, so they would be deleted, and created again with their previous text so plugins can register their creation and contents.

    A possibility I would like to happen if were to be that if signs were world-edited out (deleted), they could also be updated in some way to register for all plugins. I don't want repeats of a red stone commands world editing catastrophe where red-stone torches constantly generated in mid air, causing hundreds of entities to drop~!

    As a note, I have come across sign-based plugins that do work when world-edited, like sortal.

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    Could someone please inform me if this is possible, as I might be asking for something that can't be done.
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    Is this idea too far-fetched? I don't want to be in false hope of such a plugin if it is. :oops:

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