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  1. I'm looking for a plugin that will essentially "Fix" the water... meaning, water will not create new source blocks when placed in correct configuration.
    I thought i had saw a plugin back in january/february (not bukkit...but hmod/mc server mod) that did this, but i cant seem to find one now.

    Is this possible? If so, can someone direct me to a mod that does it, or make one?

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    Have you tried FlowControl? It allows controlling the flow with redstone.

    Do you want flow disabled server wide?
    Essentials can do that. It is a setting in their config.yml:
        lava-flow: true
        water-flow: true
        water-bucket-flow: true
  3. i can control the FLOW of water just fine... i want it so that when you do a formation for an infinite pool, it still flows, but there are still ONLY 2 source blocks::
    (X=water source, O=empty space, ~=flowing water (NOT source))
    As it is now, if you do this:
    it turns into
    I want it to remain at

    Basically, water is a valued resource for me... i need it so people cant make their own water.

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