[FIX/TP] SuperSpawn v1.9- stop spawning on roofs! [1.0.1-R1]

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    SuperSpawn - setting your spawn exactly, no more roof spawning/ spawning far off.

    Version: v1.9

    This project was moved to BukkitDev!

    I will still offer support in this thread!

    (not a native speaker, so sorry for mistakes. Pls correct me in the comments)
    I made this plugin, because I had a big Spawning hall on my server, and the new players kept spawning on the roof. It just happens, if they spawn for the very first time. I think it's a minecraft-sided bug, as it works fine if you teleport to your spawnlocation with /spawn (commandbook). We tried several plugins, but not a single one worked. SuperSpawn works with a .txt file, where it saves the joining players. When a player joins the server, it checks, weather he is already in the file or not. If not, the plugin teleports him to the SuperSpawn, which is also saved in a .txt file, and adds him to the list. If he is already in the file, nothing will happen and the player will spawn at the location he had before disconnecting. A nice little feature is, that my plugin saves the exact looking direction. If you set the SuperSpawn looking in a certain angle to the roof, the player wo spawns at the SuperSpawn will look there, too! It also fixes the annoying glicht where you can sneak into a door, relogg and spawn on the block above it!

    • Setting a SuperSpawn for your Server
    • Teleporting to Spawn by command
    • Stop new players spawning on roof tops
    • Stop new players spawning far off
    • saves looking direction
    • Fixed glitch with relogging in door ans spawning on block above!
    • configurable warm up (turned off on default)
    • configurable spawning block in battle
    • Language in english/german
    • add already joined players to the list, so that they don't need to spawn at SuperSpawn at first join after plugin installation
    • Multiworld support
    • Permissions support (defaulting to OP, if no plugin is detected)
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    Approved! Consider using BukkitDev though.
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    Thanks! I'll give it a try!
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    If I stand on a enclosed space on top of a slab block and with a slab block on my head, and then log out and log back in enough times, I go up to the next available Y position. This is annoying because people can break into others' homes with this glitch. Is this what your plugin fixes? :p
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    This is a plugin I've been looking for, for several months now! I'm so grateful, however I unfortunately can't get it to work properly. I downloaded the plugin, set the nodes, and approved the nodes for my account in game. When I enter my Bukkit Server (it ain't port forwarded yet, is that needed to get this working?) and find the desired location I want to be my Super spawn. I type /setsuperspawn.... Minecraft responds "Unknown command. Type "help" for help"

    anything I've done wrong, by the way, I'm using 1337

    I want to mention I'm rather new to CraftBukkit, I'm not sure what BukkitDev is?
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    It dont fix when you relog in doors or other blocks.
    i thought this was maked for it but maybe im wrong.
    I just requested this plugin:
    Could you add something like that in here?
    So when you log of in a door or a other object you respawn at the same position.
    And not inside someones base.
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    Please read the description. When the player joins your server fpr the very first time, he still spawns within a radius around your spawn, or on the heighest block layer. So if you set your spawn with commandbook for example in a house or hall, the player will spawn on its roof or maybe next to it. At least on my server this was a problem.

    ouh i uploadet the wrong plugin! sorry for that! you can download it now! :D

    Could it be, that my description is somehow missleading? I think its use is not clear :(
    I updatet the description, maybe its clearer now. Your suggestion looks interesting, i never recognized such a glitch.. i will think about adding this!

    Updatet to 1.1 and fixed the glitch LEOcab and worstboy32 mentioned! :)

    completely moved this project to bukkitdev! Download link and everything else on the BukkitDev site. I wil still offer support in this thread. :)
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    This plugin is almost like PlgSpawn but this has a fix... Might wanna add an alias like /ss cause /superspawn can get annoying.... Btw (by the way) does this have multiworld support?


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    I'll add this alias later ;)
    Actually i don't know, if it has multiworld support.. maybe someone could try it out?:D
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    Most likely someone else will test this out because I'm not in my home (My server runs on a laptop).
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    Direct download with /ss alias.
    Official download on BukkitDev will be aviable, when the file is approved!

    New Version (again :D) 1.3
    Added multiworld support, fixed some permissions stuff and addet more aliases!
    Download it as soon as it is approved on bukkitdev!

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    Could you please fix the spelling mistake in teleportet to spawn, isint it supposed to be teleported? I'm pretty sure it is... please fix this
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    Silly german me -.- :D Okay I'll upload a new version in a few minutes.

    EDIT: new version 1.5 should fix it all
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    Thanks! I'm going to love this :3 also, any possible change you could add a warmup? i hate my players doing /spawn quick in combat :( Pleeease?
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    I formatted my system and reinstalled m Windows copy. When i reinstalled eclipse and got everything working i will look for this!
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    can you add pex support, i dont think it works with pex, i really need this plugin..
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    it should totally work with pex. I tried it and it worked.
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    Ok it works now, totally my mistake of not enabling superperms support
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    Addet a warm up! Download will be aviable on BukkitDev, when the file is approved (v1.6)
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    Thanks for this Josh! This is one of those things that helps put the finishing touches on a good server.

    Also (you said in your OP to correct you so...) you're using t at the end of some words that are supposed to end in d. Such as addet and teleportet, should be added and teleported.

    Thanks for another essential plugin!!
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    Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like it :)
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    Great plugin, just what I was after.
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    So does this work with xAuth?
    Because they only spawn on the roof after they register.
    And the dev for xAuth said he fixed it and yet it still persists.
    I was wonder if this could help with that.
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    I dont know xAuth. I'll try it with this plugin in a second!

    With xAuth I spawn about 5 blocks under my default Spawn position in the ground. oO
    After i register, I'm teleportet to the superspawn. I dont think, that i can help you with this, because it seems to be more a bug/problem of xAuth and rather of my plugin.

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    Yeah I figured as much, thanks for trying mate.
    Looks like I'm gunna have to keep searching for a fix!
    Great plugin nonetheless.
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    Warmup?... BEST SPAWN PLUGIN EVER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    **EDIT** Just for futher updates, when a new recommended build comes out, can you add so players that havent been registered dosent spawn at spawn? (not needed, but if you got nothing to do =p)
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    I could give it a try! Untill i update this, you can simply manually add players to the players.txt in the plugin folder.
    Every name needs its own line, and you need to write the exact name. Thanks for the feedback! :)
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    Really this is the best spawn plugin ever!!!

    And Im glad the commands are not /spawn and /setspawn. So I can use this with other plugins.

    please keep updating this plugin:D I need you :)
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    Thanks for your feedback! :)
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    I have a little question can you take a look ?

    This is the problem :

    I have the SuperSpawn.goto permission on the server. Im sure because other permissions are working.But When I sey /ss it says I dont have permission.

    any ideas ?

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