[FIX] PistonBlocker V1.1 FINAL - The Original Block the Buggy Pistons Plugin [Permissions] [953]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by broonie, Jun 30, 2011.

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    PistonBlocker - fixes the piston bug in 1.7.2
    Version: 1.1
    This elminates the most serious bug in 1.7 by blocking Pistons, all you have to do is place it into your plugins folder and away you go.
    Pistons will be cancelled upon placing, and the user will be notified that they are blocked.
    [Non-Permissions, Global Ban]:
    [Permissions, Grant CFUK.BuildPiston to groups]
    Source code availabile upon request
    1.0 - Release
    1.1 - Updated text message
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    Why Would you want to block pistons?
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    Why not? If you don't want to use the plugin, then don't.
    Seriously, its just a temporary thing until the next patch is released to fix them. Their bugged just now. I don't usually release my plugins, but for this one I'm trying to do a favour.
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    It doesn't anyway, since it won't work with the latest RC.
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    I can't say I'm extremely informed on all of the piston-related bugs, but I've only heard of issues involving certain blocks.

    So maybe only cancel block placement when trying to place a piston near redstone or trying to place redstone near a piston. (etc, and whatever other blocks cause crashes)?

    Of course, I'm expecting a 1.7.1 or something soon to fix pistons. But I'm probably expecting too much.
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    Since it doesn't seem the bug will be long-term, this is just a simple blanket cover of blocking it. (Cancelling the block place event) for those who want to rush into 1.7. It'll be fixed tomorrow by Notch (We hope.)
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    If people get close to pistons my server dies.. for no reason.
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    Just wait for a recommended build. The first update, as always, is bugged all the hell so may as well wait for Mojang to put out the fires, and then for Bukkit to have something stable enough to come out with an RB for. Until then let's party like it's 1.6_6!
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    Put it this way i run a bukkit server WITH pistons flawlessly, no crashes bugs etc... Just problems with redstone it just stops working etc.... Bugs on single player aswell.
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    yes this can cause massive crash problem thanks for this plugin broonie!!!!!!!
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    Dont get me wrong he still made a plugin that "Disabled" Pistons thats still a pretty cool thing.
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    Your the shining star of the bukkit community, who understand this is just a quick patchover until tomorrows patch. You give me that little faith that releasing little things like this is worthwhile, and I should thank you for that.
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    No need to thank me ... you made it so our sever can run on 1.7 or not at all till it was fixed in bukkit :) fast work and was glad to find someone bashed something up quick
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    Totally agree with this guy!
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    Tommy Jones

    Stop being a bunch of elitists and bash broonie for offering people an easy fix to stop people from actually crashing and corrupting chunks on your servers when they make a mistake with pistons.
    Do you all think you're the holy grail of plugin development or something?
    Show some bloody thanks for a plugin that actually HELPS until a patch is released instead of going on and on about how "the next bukkit release" will fix this (this plugin offers a HERE AND NOW quickfix, which is what some of us needed) and how his original post doesn't "comply with bukkit forum posting standards", jeez..
    In closing: Thank you very much, Broonie! This is just what I was looking for and is much appreciated! :)
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    yea, thx for that quickfix.
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    Thanks alot guys (@Tommy Jones & @lemachinbidule) - thats the pure purpose of this plugin, nothing fancy, just a quick fix so people can get their servers updated.
    I don't want no fancy purple tag, I just want to make life a little easier to go to 1.7
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    So we can run the server with the build 950 with this plugin ?
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    Could you don't block the pistons, but only block the piston constructions that are crashing the server?

    The plugin could check if you place a pressure plate, he can only place the pressure plate, if the block under the pressure plate isnt dirt AND under the dirt isnt a piston.
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    Thanks heaps for this mod - wouldn't be running 950 without it (still did a bunch of testing and backed up before using 950 :D)
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    I'm running 948 on my private server without problems and i played with pistons for whole day.

    But i guess It's good idea to disable piston on public servers due to dupe bugs.
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    Run a test server and place a piston that cuts off it's own power and see how happy your server is :D Corrupts the map too for extra bonuses :D
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    I can't see why would i need a system that will cut off its own power. But yeah as i said, troubles for public servers, but works for private server where only you and other people plays.
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    The work invovled there isn't worth it for just waiting one day. All this is a simple few lines of code until the patch is released - which it is.

    One of our users crashed the map within 5 minutes ;)

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    PistonBlocker ftw!
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