Inactive [FIX/MECH/GEN] BurningCreativeSuite v1.8 - Keeping Creative Players, Creative! [1.0.1-R1]

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    Creativity Re-Imagined​
    Requires [RB 1.0.1-R1] || Current Version: v1.8​
    I apologize, but due to time constraints and sheer lack of focus on my part, I can no longer maintain this plugin. I will ensure that this plugin stays up-to-date and working for every RB, but I will no longer be working on adding features and general optimization of the script. From this point on I will only be making sure that it works properly, but fear not! This plugin is open-source, so if there are any who wish to help keep this plugin in top-shape, adding new features and optimizing the script to fix the lag issues, please submit a pull request on Git and I will test your work. If it is satisfactory, it will become a part of this plugin. Happy Holidays everyone!
    Link to git repo: Link
    Have a suggestion? Post it here!
    What does this plugin do? To be put simply, you won't ever have to worry about players in Creative Mode interfering with Survival Mode players. Want to have Creative Mode players to live alongside the Survival Mode players without having to worry about Creative Mode players "making it easier" for the Survival Mode players? This plugin will take care of that! Want to keep your hard-earned items separate from your items that you've spawned into the world? This plugin does that too! Still interested? Read below and check it out!

    • Prevents players in Creative Mode from giving items to Survival Mode players
    • Prevents players in Creative Mode from breaking bedrock at the bottom of the world
    • Prevents Endermen from picking up/placing blocks in the world. "Now they can only stare at you angrily! ...Then chase you down and kill you. :D"
    • Separates Creative Mode and Survival Mode inventories!
    • Configurable! Everything can be disabled or enabled!
    • Permissions! Players can be given exclusive rights to bypass certain functions when enabled with a permissions node!
    • Can stop and start time!
    Sorry for the mic quality, my good one is broken and I am waiting on the new one to ship.​
    WARNING: It is not recommended that you edit any of the inventory files unless you are deleting them. Corruption could possibly occur and break the plugin
    Change Log:
    v1.8 || December 2, 2011​
    • Fixed enchantments not being saved/loaded
    v1.7 || October 24, 2011​
    • Several bugfixes, tbh I don't remember them all
    v1.69 || October 18, 2011​
    • Fixed bcs.bypass.entityattack permission. You should now be able to attack entities while you have this permission.

    v1.68 || October 17, 2011​
    • Added two new permissions: bcs.bypass.entityattack and bcs.bypass.chestaccess
    v1.67 || October 17, 2011​
    • I'm really sorry this time: Turned off developer mode, and removed loading/saving messages for block data
    v1.66 || October 17, 2011​
    • Sorry to those who just updated: I put the timeout method in the wrong order :p
    v1.65 || October 16, 2011​

    • Changed it so blocks that the plugin does not currently support now just don't get logged. It no longer prevents you from placing them.
    • Added a timeout to the update check portion of the script, it should no longer give long stack-traces due to not being able to connect to my host
    • Changed the way it saves and loads the blocks slightly, it should no longer give ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions while breaking "creative" doors.
    v1.6 || October 13, 2011​

    • Added new permissions
    • Fixed creative players and minecarts (They can't place/use them anymore without the correct .bypass permission)
    • Added optional preventing creative players from picking up items
    • Updated to new configuration api
    v1.51 || October 3, 2011​
    • Fixed bcs.commands.toggle permission. Should work properly now.
    v1.5 || October 2, 2011​
    • Added support for WorldGuard and LogBlock ( Thanks @Ycros )
    • Multi-threaded update notifications, so if a connection to the host is poor, it does not lag the server.
    v1.4 || September 30, 2011​

    • Reworked the BLOCK_PLACE and BLOCK_BREAK events. Should reduce server load greatly on most servers. (Plugin running faster FTW!)
    • Fixed a bug where blocks that break when the block below them breaks giving drops from "Creative" blocks.
    • Blocked placement of TNT and Beds for Creative players to prevent certain bugs from appearing until they are fixed
    • If an explosion would destroy a "creative" block, the explosion event gets cancelled to prevent a bug from occurring until it is fixed. Players and other entities, however, will still be damaged by the explosion.
    • Added autosaving blocks in the config. The block saving interval is how many blocks must be placed/broken before it saves the creative blocks to a file. (The larger the number, the less server load, but in the event of a server crash more data will be lost.)
    v1.31 || September 28, 2011​
    • Made creative player attacking configurable, and fixed the reload command
    v1.3 || September 28, 2011​
    • Creative players cannot damage other entities or be targeted by other entities anymore
    v1.28 || September 28, 2011​
    • Fixed creative block dropping bug when you re-enable it after disabling
    • Fixed small command errors
    • Added ability to clear a different player's inventory with the /bcs clearinv <player> command
    • Changed the inventory-clearing method that was being used for the clearinv command to tell who cleared the inventory if a player is specified
    • Added bcs.commands.toggle permissions node
    v1.25 || September 27, 2011:​
    • Fixed spamming console on inventory saving/loading
    v1.24 || September 27, 2011:​
    • Fixed update notifications again
    v1.23 || September 27, 2011:​
    • Fixed explosions giving drops for "Creative" blocks
    v1.21 || September 26, 2011:​
    • Fixed an error I made in the 1.2 update
    v1.2 || September 26, 2011:​
    • Fixed update notifications
    • Added time stopping/starting
    v1.1 || September 26, 2011:

    • Added update notifications
    v1.0 || September 25, 2011:

    • Plugin release
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    Make it so people in creative, can't place things in chests because Players can just make infinite of items
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    I suggest you make it so people in Creative cant use Chest or Furnaces
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    Already done.

    See above comment.

    I apologize, but I cannot replicate the problem and do not have any suggestions on fixing it.

    To everyone who uses my plugin, or are planning on it:

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    Very big exploit players in creative bcs can sell and buy from iconomy chest shops and essentials shops
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    You can spoof records with this plugin as well. Spawn one in creative, put it in a jukebox, toggle survival, take it back out. Unlimited records.
    Is it possible to prevent this?
    Thanks, this plugin is great and my users love it!
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    I am having a problem it is 100% your plugin, i just don't know how its happening. When people use the /bcs toggle command then build, it breaks that chunk for everyone including op's so that nothing will drop in that area anymore, even if u have creative on or off. The problem started after the first person built in creative mode with the plugin installed. Also when people try to build in these broken areas my logblock disconnects from the database for a few minutes untill it reconnects, i know bcs hooks into logblock. This is the error logblock pops when when trying to build in a broken chunk
    I get this line when a creeper goes off in a broken area
    And last but not least the error that breaking a block in a broken area gives;
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    Some major flaws that I've found with this plugin..

    - Travelling from a Creative world back to Survival will repair all your survival tools and armor.
    - Travelling from between survival worlds loses your items sometimes.
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    now that this plugin is inactive is there any other plugin that provides similar freatures?
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    I'm working on a plugin I call AntiShare (Yes, I screwed up in the URL, I'm getting this fixed)

    Right now you can block:
    • Block placing
    • Block breaking
    • Items dropping on death
    • Dropping items ('Q' Key)
    • Interactions (like chests)
    I'm working on specific integration for the new Spawn Mob Eggs, but you can kinda hack your way through the config and add to interact's blocked item list '383' to stop the use of Spawn Eggs.
    As well with my plugin you can block all the actions to creative mode only players, or all players, as well you can exempt people from certain (or all) actions.
    PM me if you need assistance ;)
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    i thought of a plugin that divides inventories like this :D
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    This is amazing. I am defiantly using this!
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    I'm back for a bit, and I will be updating all of my plugins to work with the most recent version of Bukkit ;)
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    We have gone through most of this plugin and it all seems very good except for one exploit that we found.

    Players in creative mode can place music discs into the jukebox and it cant be extracted and picked up by survival players.

    Thanks heaps for this plugin
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    This will be fixed once I get around to updating it.
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    Don Redhorse

    hi, just a quick question.

    Do you already "disable" instant break of switches, buttons and doors?
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    I know your updating it. I thought I would show you these errors anyway. (Edit. I have the wrong pastie here originally)

    Hopefully you will get a chance soon. I am excited to implement this plugin into my server :)
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    Please maintain this plugin, i really love it and i think its very important to servers. To be honest the "antishare" that the above guy posted isn't half as good as this. If it means anything i'd be willing to toss a few bucks your way for your work, thanks, and keep up the good work :D
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    I don't find how I solved it >.<

    I use the permission plugin...
            default: false
                prefix: '&4'
                suffix: '&f'
                build: true
                - '*'

            description: Gives all permissions nodes creative suite
                bcs.admin: true
                bcs.bypass.*: true
            default: false
    Doesn't work >.<

    Can you help me ? x)

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    Okay at:
    You won me XD

    Don't forget to actually Add your name to that list...

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    Great plugin, worked great, but recently I've got a problem with that.
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event org.bukkit.event.block.BlockBreakEvent to Burning Creative Suite
            at me.ahniolator.plugins.burningcreativesuite.BCSBlockListener.onBlockBreak(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
            at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.breakBlock(
            at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.dig(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet14BlockDig.handle(SourceFile:43)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    I added a ticket, but I'm affraid no one checks these tickets regularly.
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    I get these erroooooooooooors :(

    In game when I join:
    BurningCS Error checking for latest version

    In the console on server start:
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at me.ahniolator.plugins.burningcreativesuite.BCSUpdater.checkForUpdates(
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at me.ahniolator.plugins.burningcreativesuite.BCSUpdater.getCurrentVersion(
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at<init>(
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE    at
    18.02 23:15:35 [Server] SEVERE
  23. wow this plugin has saved my server!!!

    I am still testing it, but I will definitely buy you a beer

    P.S. Are you updating to r5?
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    This plugin hasn't been updated for 3 months D:, it was good while it lasted but I'm afraid that r5 will break this plugin and it will fall inactive.
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    Can u make t so people dont hve access to things like chests, furnaces and that stuff?

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